When we think of Las Vegas our attention is usually focused on the casinos and activities available inside the properties. Sometimes there’s a need to go outside and get some fresh air. These relaxing moments with a drink, bite, a cup of coffee, or whatever can set up the day and night in Las Vegas.
While some downtime might not appear to be the highlight of a Vegas vacation, it could be the springboard before something more fun. This could also just be part of the New Vegas experience where visitors spend more time outdoors.
Spending time outside of casinos seems to be more popular than ever. The Linq and The Park are great outdoor spaces on the Vegas Strip. Downtown Container Park offers a similar but different experience for anyone looking to eat or drink outdoors in downtown Las Vegas.
Since the casino district in downtown Las Vegas is surrounded by neighborhoods where people live the Downtown Container Park is a bit different than the other outdoor spaces. When operating at 100%, the outdoor mall has restaurants, bars, shopping, a park, a performance area, and even a barbershop. This neighborhood entertainment area is great for tourists as well as locals.
Downtown Container Park is a short walk east from the Fremont Street Experience. It’s also diagonally across the street from the El Cortez casino and hotel. The container park offers the kind of experience and vibe that can’t be found at a casino. It’s just different and that’s what I enjoy most.
The shops at Downtown Container Park are inside of shipping containers. Seating for most bars and restaurants is outside or open to the fresh air. The retail outlets are small and take no time for shoppers to walk through.
During the weekends when the park is open there are special events, kids playing in the park, and adults enjoying time around the action. As a childless person, I should note that Oak & Ivy has become one of my favorite cocktail bars in downtown Las Vegas since Downtown Container Park first opened.
The staff at Oak & Ivy is great and the drinks are better. I love spending a lazy afternoon out on the patio sipping on a delicious cocktail just enjoying a break from the monotony.
Let’s take a look at the bars, restaurants, and snack shops at the Downtown Container Park. Note, some venues might be closed while Las Vegas attempts to move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drinking at Downtown Container Park

  • Berries & Beans – Not all drinks have to be boozy. This is a coffee shop located right as you enter Downtown Container Park. Fresh air and coffee is a nice way to start the day. The extra boost also helps accelerate a move further into the mall.
  • Bin 702 – This is a wine bar that also offers craft beer and light snacks like charcuterie.
  • Oak & Ivy – As I said this is a great cocktail bar. Try a signature whiskey or bourbon drink if you’re feeling sassy.


Eating at Downtown Container Park

Grab a bite to go or sit down for a full meal at one of these restaurants.

  • Cheffini’s Hot Dog – Ever want a fancy hot dog with lots of toppings? This is your spot.
  • Downtown Terrace – This is a family-friendly restaurant on the second level of the container park also serves boozy brunches if you’re into that sorta thing.
  • Pinches Tacos – This is among the most popular taco shops in downtown Las Vegas.
  • Pizza Zaza – I haven’t been here yet but the description of “kick ass pizza” sounds good to me.
  • Simply Pure – The 100% plant-based restaurant is a good option if you’re looking to keep your meals light and clean.


Snacks at Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park has a variety of snack shops. Here’s a quick rundown of the self-explanatory shop names.

  • No. 1 Boba – Boba tea is so hot right now.
  • Jojo’s Jerky – Carb free snacks are also hot right now.
  • Las Vegas Kettle Corn – Kettle corn shop makes for a fun snack while enjoying cocktails.
  • Sugar Shop – A straight forward candy store.
  • Waffelato – Ice cream and gelato store.



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