I know the newest Las Vegas attractions always need to out due the previously newest and greatest attraction. It has come to my attention that you and 21 other people can be strapped to a moving “table” and hoisted 180 ft. over the Las Vegas strip all in the name of a good meal and drinks? I am all for trying new adventures but a few key points go through my mind when thinking about this apparatus.

First, I don’t love heights. I know Rihanna sings about “Diamonds in the Sky” but I see a 7-ton table dangling over the black asphalt of Las Vegas (when staring straight down I am sure you don’t see any twinkly diamond lights, just BLACK hard cement). Yes, I love a great view but I would prefer looking from the protection of a building or enclosed area where my feet can touch some sort of ground. Suppose you are hoisted up to enjoy a fantastic meal in the sky. You are strapped in to your chair with a safety harness, with no chance of escaping (falling) and all of sudden as the waiter serves you your luke-warm French Onion soup (for your left side of course) you notice your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and their new lover staring across from you at the other end of your table. What a wonderful dinner you will have when all you want to do is get the hell off this nightmare in the sky and run the opposite direction. Dinner in the Sky will teach you some patience for sure.

Second, Las Vegas is known for partying (a little). You know, that drunk person who can never hold their liquor. By making reservations on this soaring bar with your own bartender, you can now keep both eyes on your favorite friend who is now feeling their meal coming up the other way. Let’s hope they are not serving some type of fish or other messy meal. Oh yes, beware to the innocent people underneath the table. I have seen projectile vomit and it is not pretty.

Third, I always drop my napkin. What do you do when dangling over the ground? Bend over and get it? Do they throw you a new one?

Fourth, what happens if you need to go to the bathroom? You just can’t hold it. Again, beware innocent people on the ground.

Fifth, my dad used to dare me to get on rides and tell me they were a “piece of cake” and I would ride the ride no matter how scared I was. Watching an adult have a panic attack at 180ft above the ground for an hour is not my idea of a fantastic evening. But, if you were on a first date and agreed for the Dinner in the Sky, you may deserve it (even more so, if you agreed to a blind date in the sky).

So, with my feet planted firmly on the ground (not underneath or in projectile vicinity of the soaring table) I will interview some brave soul willing to mount this ton of ridiculousness and I will eat my hot meal in a restaurant cemented to the ground.

Happy eating!


I have so many crazy stories to share about being young, single and working (unknowingly) as a flytrap for ALL the questionable people in the world. I am a single girl living in Beverly Hills but spend at least 39.5% of my time in Las Vegas. I have been told that I need to write a book so I started my blog melanysguydlines.com. From Northern California originally, but moved to LA to work for William Morris, Irving Azoff, MTV, CAA and all the other big dogs in the music business (behind the scenes because I break car windows and make dogs bark when I try and sing). This was fantastic until I realized I was approaching 30 and still wanted to be a groupie in a rock band. So, that brings me to the present where I started writing the blog and sharing my experiences with others who enjoy laughing at themselves, the harsh world, and of course, my stories.
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