Wynn Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful and popular luxury casino-resorts in Las Vegas. As you’d imagine, it takes a lot of work keeping up a luxury property in Las Vegas. Staying on top of customer preferences and trends allow luxury properties to justify their high prices. To be fair the amenities and service at the luxury casinos in Las Vegas often deserve the higher price points.
You’ve probably noticed that The Venetian and Cosmopolitan have been upgrading and updating their respective luxury properties over the past couple of years. Well, Wynn Las Vegas has quietly been making changes too and there are more planned for the future.
Let’s take a look at some of the bigger changes and upgrades that have already taken place at Wynn Las Vegas and the Encore tower and take a look at what’s in store for the luxury casino resort.

New Parking Policy At Wynn

Just about every casino on the Vegas Strip hopped on board with the paid parking trend after MGM Resorts started to charge for parking in 2016. Well, Wynn Resorts is the first to jump off paid parking for their hotel guests. As of July 1, parking is included in the nightly resort fee.
Visitors just stopping by Wynn Las Vegas can have their parking validated after spending $50. Current prices mean that you’ll spend money for a round of drinks for three or lunch for two. You can read more about the policy here.
While nobody like to pay for parking this seems like a fair compromise. The new parking policy will mean that hotel guests don’t have another fee to pay. Likewise, visitors that are spending money at Wynn won’t have to pay to park if they want to gamble, shop, or dine at one of the restaurants. Window shoppers should be the only people that pay to park with this new policy.

New(ish) Sportsbook

Sports fans and bettors that have visited Wynn in the past year have probably noticed a huge, bright, and beautiful sportsbook. The new sportsbook uses the same real estate inside the casino as the old dark sportsbook.
The sportsbook is a perfect fit for Wynn. The screens are among the best in Las Vegas. There is a variety of seating options including VIP couch service that’s usually available to anyone willing to pay for the extra service. The color scheme works with the overall aesthetic of Wynn.
The old bar area has been replaced with Charlie’s Bar & Grill. The bar seats have a great view of the sportsbook. There is plenty of seating for anyone looking for a quick bite for lunch that doesn’t want to watch the games. Heads up to video poker players – Wynn Las Vegas bars with video poker don’t comp drinks like most other casinos.
Encore guests should have also noticed a new but more modest sportsbook.
Wynn Sports Book

Coming Soon: Wynn Plaza

A new shopping plaza will open at Wynn Las Vegas before the year is over. Entry to the new mall will start on the Vegas Strip and guests will enter the casino where the car dealership and old poker room used to be.
The poker room now resides in the Encore tower at Wynn Las Vegas. Expect to see new high-end shops and more dining options when Wynn Plaza opens later this year.
Wynn Las Vegas Plaza

Future Wynn Las Vegas Plans

Wynn Las Vegas has been discussing plans to expand for a couple of years. The plans for Wynn Paradise Park started off very abstract. Some might even call the early expansion plans bananas. The plans have been walked back a few times and are now a little more realistic.
You’ll notice construction outside of Wynn if you visit in the next year or two. Plans for Wynn Paradise Park have been greatly scaled back but the expansion plans fit the brand. The first phase will be a convention facility on the east end of the property. The next phase will be a 29-acre manmade lagoon.
There will be a 20-foot wide boardwalk around the lagoon and a covered pavilion for events. This area will include restaurants and bars as well. This will be a real lagoon usable by boats and will have a sandy beach for anyone to enjoy the water.
Wynn Paradise Park initially had a hotel tower included in its plans. That’s on hold as is the to plan to build another hotel tower across the street on land purchased next to Fashion Show Mall. The future is bright for Wynn Las Vegas.


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