Casino players clubs have evolved over the years in a manner similar to the way the casino has evolved into a casino hotel & resort. Once used to track how much you gamble, players clubs can now track how much you spend in every area of a casino. Players club cards are now more similar to loyalty club cards at supermarkets than the slot club cards of yesteryear. Like other loyalty programs casino hotel players clubs offer various rewards and benefits based on how you spend your money.

Players clubs are a good deal for both the casino resort and the customer. Casino resort players clubs enable them to follow every dollar you spend on their property in exchange for comp points and discounts on the things you use at the resort. It’s a win-win. The casino bean counters can follow the dollars in exchange for discounts or free items on their property. The exchange creates mutual loyalty for both the customer and the casino hotel.

Not all casinos offer comps for all money spent but a few years ago The Venetian’s players club, Grazie, started to credit players club  accounts when for all money spent. Other players clubs in Las Vegas like Total Rewards and MGM Resorts’ MLife have since followed.

Not all players cards are the same. Many casino hotels, but not all, offer different tiers with better benefits for the customer spends more money. For example if you spend enough money to earn Diamond level with the Total Rewards players club from Caesars Entertainment properties you’ll receive perks like line skips, access to VIP lounges and complimentary rooms. These benefits are certainly nice but only you can decide whether or not you want to spend enough money gambling, eating or otherwise to attain that status. If you don’t reach the highest players club level you shouldn’t feel bad since only about 2% of casino customers ever reach the highest level for players clubs. In fact, 80%-90% of casino customers never leave the entry level for players clubs.

Las Vegas players clubs are free for anyone to sign up for. You can simply walk up to the players club desks when you arrive at the casino and show them your ID. However, if you’re a  neurotic planner like me you can sign up for a players club card online before your trip and just pick it up at the players club desk at the respective casino. Casino hotels often have different players clubs so you can check the respective website for specific details. I keep a fairly up to date list of  Las Vegas casino players clubs and their websites on my blog if you need a quick reference.

I always get a players club card when I visit a new casino hotel. If they’re going to offer me something for free or cheap why not take it? I’m going to spend the money anyway. Players clubs aren’t just for little ole ladies playing slots anymore. They’ve grown up and expanded and are a great way to get freebies and discounts from any casino hotel in Las Vegas.



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