Hopefully, everyone who gambles when visiting Las Vegas was productive with their time staying at home. Practicing to be a better gambler should help improve gaming skills when visiting casinos again. While it’s easy to practice some casino games to improve your skills and potential returns, it’s also helpful to avoid some of the games with the largest house edge.
Frankly, just spending less money on the casino games with a large house edge for the casino should make your gambling budget last longer. Here are some of the worst games to play the next time you visit a Las Vegas casino.

Penny Slots

These are arguably the most fun games in casinos. The bright lights, loud noises, and memorable themes are alluring. Penny slots make more money for casino operators than any other game. This kind of slot machine has the highest house edge of all denominations. For example, quarter slots have a lower house edge than penny slots. Dollar slots have a lower house edge than quarter slots and so on. Playing higher denominations is better but you should always stay within your budget.
If you’re a fan of penny slots, you might want to consider dialing back how much money is devoted to these games. I enjoy the lights and noises of penny slots so I’ve come to a compromise. Instead of starting my penny slot sessions at $100, I limit myself to $20. This allows me a taste of the games without the financial commitment. If I want to continue playing after $20 I’ll dig into my pocket. Usually I’ll just wander to another penny slot for another new experience.

Big Six Wheel

The most simple casino game also has a very large house edge. The Big Six Wheel is often the first game you see when walking into a casino. The house edge for the Big Six Wheel is about 24% depending on which number you wager.
The games with the highest house edge for the casino all have one thing in common. They’re easy to play and involve no skill. Just walk past the Big Six Wheel the next time you want into a casino.

Live Keno

There aren’t many live Keno areas in casinos nowadays but it’s a game to avoid if possible. The house edge in live Keno is around 20%. That’s among the highest house edges for the casino.
Keno lounges are a great place to relax and grab some air conditioning during the summer in Las Vegas. Having said that, spending money on the game should be avoided if possible.

Bonus: Good Game With Bad Bets


A passline bet or come bet with the maximum odds when playing craps can have almost no house edge for the casino. Unfortunately, there are bad bets spread throughout the table.
For example, “Any Seven” has a house edge of 16.67%. Betting on the 2 or 12 to be rolled has a house edge of 13.89%. There are a variety of craps bets in the center of the table that have a house edge much higher than playing passline (and don’t pass) or come (and don’t come).
Keep your craps wagers simple. This should allow you to play longer and possibly hit a hot roller.


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