Travelers all across America swear by their AAA membership. It’s useful for auto travel and also for discounts at various businesses at home or when taking vacation. There are many websites and blogs dedicated to helping you vacation in Las Vegas on a small budget but they rarely discuss AAA discounts. I’ve had a AAA membership in Las Vegas and never even thought about it because I’ve never read or heard anyone discuss AAA as a great way to save money. I only found out about these discounts because I received a new credit card and had to renew my membership and had to call the Nevada office.

AAA’s website now has a search feature for discounts where you can sort by location and name of the merchant. This feature is awesome. There are currently 11 PAGES of AAA discounts available in Las Vegas for  members. Let’s look at some of those great discounts.


You can get discounts and coupon books at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian and more. The discounts and coupon books are different at each mall. There are discounts at over 160 shops and 13 restaurants at the Forum Shops alone. If you do any kind of shopping in Las Vegas you should explore these books.

Car Rentals

Your AAA membership will save you 10%-20% off of Hertz rentals. This isn’t a Las Vegas special, you can do this anywhere but renting a car in Las Vegas is inexpensive compared to major cities before the discount. Renting a car in Las Vegas is a great way to explore more of the city – even if you just do so during the day.


Shows may be the most discounted activity in Las Vegas and AAA has some deep discounts available. One of the more prominent discounts is for Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo where you can save up to 30% on tickets.


Las Vegas has an amazing contrast in beauty. There are the bright lights of the Vegas Strip and the dessert nature that you won’t find anywhere else in America. Your AAA membership can save you money on helicopter tours anywhere from the Vegas Strip to the Grand Canyon. If you prefer your sightseeing on the ground you can save 10% on Pink Jeep tours.


You can save between 5% and 15% at a variety of hotels that have partnerships with AAA. Brands that have hotels on or near the Vegas Strip include Westin, Hilton Grand Vacations and Best Western. There are discounts available for hotels off the Vegas Strip and in the suburbs of Las Vegas. The off strip locations are great if you have a conference in a remote location.


You already know that pharmacies can save you money on everyday items in Las Vegas but AAA can help save you even more. There is nothing worse than getting sick a) in Las Vegas and b) on vacation. If you do get sick in Las Vegas your AAA membership will save you between 15% and 35% on prescription drugs.

Being a AAA member can save you money in almost every aspect of your Vegas vacation. If you don’t see a discount that you’d like on the AAA website just give them a call and ask. Maybe they can work something out for your next trip. If you don’t have time to read through the discount list and you’re not shy just ask retailers if they have discounts. You may be surprised with their answer.


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