Las Vegas has some of the best hotel rooms in the world. However, sometimes you need more than just a normal hotel room. You may want a bigger hotel room if you’re traveling with a group for a bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding, spring break, March Madness or just a trip with friends. You may have a long vacation planned and being cooped up in a small room isn’t optimal.
Sometimes you’ll want the most opulent suites in town and sometimes you might want a large room so everyone can share in the cost and save money. Today we’re going to look at some excellent options for suites under $200 that you or a group of friends can enjoy when you visit Las Vegas.
The D

The D in downtown Las Vegas has one of the most high energy casinos in Las Vegas. The small footprint of the property keeps the energy bottled up and it feels as though the might be an explosion of fun at any time. The regular hotel rooms at The D are nice but not over the top. They perfectly fit the hotel. When you step up to a suite you’ll get a more stylized hotel room with more space. The two room suite keeps the partying and sleeping apart. Three TV’s in the suite make this great for March Madness. Hotel rooms in downtown Las Vegas are usually less expensive than you’ll find on the Vegas Strip. You’ll actually find this suite for less than you might pay for an average regular hotel room on the Vegas Strip.


This 43 story hotel tower operates as an independent hotel within the Mandalay Bay complex. Delano offers a boutique hotel experience while giving you access to everything you’d expect in a Las Vegas casino. Delano is an all-suite hotel with its own amenities, so you never have to step foot inside the casino to eat, drink or take a dip in the pool. At the same time, you have all of the amenities from Mandalay Bay within a one minute walk from your hotel suite. Weekday prices are often under $200. Pro-tip: Sign up for MGM Resorts M Life Rewards to save 15% on your hotel suite.


You may not recognize Elara because it actually has a longer name and is somewhat hidden on the Vegas Strip. Elara is brought to you by Hilton Grand Vacations and connected to Planet Hollywood casino through the Miracle Mall shops. The tower was built during the construction boom of the 1990’s and intended to be used as condos. Well, those condos are now timeshares and affordable suites. The suites include a washing machine and dryer which make it a great option for longer visits to Las Vegas.


The Palazzo is a luxury hotel that isn’t priced like a luxury property. The all-suite hotel is the little brother to The Venetian and it’s priced that way. Personally, this is my favorite hotel in Las Vegas. The suites feel luxurious without the price tag that usually accompanies luxury. Midweek suite prices can often be found for under $200. This is a great hotel if you’re visiting Las Vegas during the week and looking to experience the suite life for the first time.


The Rio is located just off the Vegas Strip on Flamingo about five minutes west of Caesars Palace. This is an all-suite hotel so any rates you see advertised are for suites. The off-strip location helps to keep rates lower than you might expect for an all suite hotel. You can often find midweek prices for suites somewhere around $100. There are many suite types so you might pay the same for a multi-room suite as you would a base single room suite. Read the room descriptions to make sure that you get the suite that’s right for you. If location is a concern, you can grab an Uber or Lyft to the Vegas Strip for under $10. There’s a free shuttle that runs to the Vegas Strip throughout the day.

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