Having your buddies over for a poker night? Tired of betting with matchsticks and fighting over the last remaining can of lager? Follow our five step plan to make your weeknight poker feel more like a bachelors weekend in Vegas.

Step 1 – The Cards
You can’t play cards without a deck, but not all decks are the same. Don’t use a set of old, beat-up playing cards as they just make you look cheap. Buy a brand new deck and break the seal in front of your friends for a professional touch, or invest in a set of more expensive – but far more durable – plastic playing cards for that true Vegas feel.

Step 2 – The Table
If you are using the dining table, make sure it is covered with a cloth that doesn’t rumple or catch the cards. Otherwise you are just going accidentally expose cards. If you can’t afford to buy an off-the-shelf poker table, there are many websites out there that show how you can cheaply build your own. At the very least, buy some nice felt to cover the dining room table with.

Step 3 – The Chips
No, not potato chips. Poker chips! Much better than using matchsticks or beads, poker chips can be bought cheaply just about anywhere. If you really want to take the game up a level, then splash out on some clay chips for that authentic casino look.

Step 4 – The In-Game Refreshments
Here is where we talk potato chips. Rather than have people eat during the game, which only leads to greasy cards and pizza stains on the tablecloth, take a break half way through the evening. Stay away from greasy foods and instead prepare some sandwiches or cold meat cuts and let the boys go at them. If you do have alcohol, make sure there is something non-alcoholic to drink for designated drivers.

Step 5 – Dress to Impress
Poker is not just about playing well. Looking like you can play well can be an intimidating psychological weapon at the table. Get dressed up and your buddies will take your bluffs more seriously, as they will think you are taking your poker playing more seriously. And wearing smart clothes, rather than boiler suits, adds that James Bond factor to any home game.

Poker night with the boys is always something to look forward to. And, with a little bit of planning and some attention to detail, you can turn your home game into one that your buddies will be talking about all week long.


Brendon has been in the Las Vegas travel industry for the past 15 years. As a frequent traveler to sin city he maintains a respect for Americas playground.
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