Every week we try to give a specific idea of ways to save money in Las Vegas. Today we’re going to simplify that idea and look at 15 things to do on the Vegas Strip for under $20. One of the great features on Travel Vegas is the coupons and discounts section where you can find ways to save before you reach Las Vegas. Planning is great but if you’re already in Las Vegas you may not want to check your computer for deals. Here are 15 activities in Las Vegas that are always under $20. You don’t need a coupon or ticket purchased in advance. Just walk up and have a good time.


1. Welcome To Las Vegas Sign -  This iconic symbol of Las Vegas is always available for you to see and snap pictures with. You don’t need to look for human celebrities as this sign has appeared in more movies than any person you’ll find..

2. Bellagio Fountain Show – This is the 2nd most famous free activity in Las Vegas. The show is different every 30 minutes (15 minutes on weekend). There are 4 different water shows set to different songs so you can easily spend 2 hours geeking out on the beauty. Like the “Welcome To Las Vegas Sign” this is a great place to take a picture of you and your loved ones.

3. Bellagio Conservatory - After the fountain show at Bellagio head inside to check out the conservatory. This free activity changes floral arrangements every few months to mark specific holidays and/or seasons. The conservatory is sometimes a high traffic area so grabbing pictures may be difficult.

4. P3 Art Studio at Cosmopolitan – This art studio is free to browse and rotates different artists and art installations regularly. You can follow the schedule on Cosmo’s Facebook page. This is one of the most unique activities that you’ll find on the Vegas Strip.

5. World’s Largest Permanent Circus - Head to Circus Circus to take in the the fun activities under the big top, and in a casino. The World’s Largest Permanent Circus has jugglers, acrobats, trapeze artists and more. Each performance is about 10 minutes long.

6. Art at Aria – Walk inside and outside of Aria and attached Crystals mall to see a wealth of art at no charge. Aria.com has directions on where you’ll find art in and around the hotel. Vegas.com put together a video of the tour if you’d rather watch than click.

7. Wildlife Habitat – The Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo is free to walk and explore. The habitat includes flamingos (go figure), ducks, swans and exotic fish in its ponds. The waterfall is a great place to grab pictures and one of the few areas that you’ll find serenity on the Vegas Strip. This area is one of the few places on the Vegas Strip you’ll find grass areas to relax.

$10 – $20

8. Eiffel Tower Experience - You’ll get one of the best views of the Vegas Strip by heading to the top of the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. Prices vary between $11.50-$16.50 per person with $1 discount for Total Rewards members.

9. Ride El Loco – El Loco is the newest roller coaster inside Adventure Dome at Circus Circus. Individual tickets to ride El Loco (or any other roller coaster) is $10. Other rides at Adventure Dome are even cheaper!

10. Auto Collection – The auto collection at The Quad has over 300 different cars and combines the thrills of an exotic car museum with the opportunity to actually buy some of the most unique and eclectic automobiles in the world. Entry is $11.95 with discounts for Total Rewards members.

11. Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art – The BGFA is a more traditional museum style art gallery. Previous art exhibitions have included works from Monet, Andy Warhol, Faberge and more. Entry is $16 for adults and children are free. Just make sure the children aren’t too young as there are no strollers allowed.

12. Ride the Big Apple Coaster – The roller coaster at New York-New York is one of the most famous parts of the Vegas Strip skyline. You’ll get loops, twists and great views of the Vegas Strip for $14 per person.

13. Shark Reef – The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is the aquatic treasure on the Vegas Strip. The Shark Reef has over 1,000 different species from the world famous sharks to turtles. Occasionally the Shark Reef will have special guests like the current Komodo Dragons. Entry is $18. EDIT: price has gone up since this article was written. Entry is now $20.

14. Gondola Rides – One of the things that makes The Venetian feel authentic is the gondola ride. The Venetian is decorated to remind you of being in Venice but the gondola ride that goes outside and into the 2nd floor of The Venetian in the Grand Canal Shoppes seal the deal that this pace is legit. Gondola rides are $18.95 per person.

15. Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat – White tigers and dolphins! Need I say more? Entry is $19.95



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