Las Vegas is a place to have fun and indulge in so many exciting things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit, and healthy on your vacation. Many people assume that while at Vegas, it is impossible to get a workout in, or stay on a diet (healthy eating plan). It is easily possible, and very do-able. You just need to do a little planning, and know what to do.

Sticking to a Healthy Eating Plan

Just because you’re in Vegas, doesn’t mean that you should give up on eating healthy. Sure, you are on vacation, so indulge a little, but a little doesn’t mean a lot. One of the first things you will notice when you get to Vegas, are the many buffets. They are everywhere, and are very tantalizing with so many different themes, entrées, and desserts. One technique would simply be to avoid them. People in general tend to over-eat at buffets so avoiding them would be best. There are plenty of other great restaurants for you to try in Vegas as well. But again, if you are like most people, you won’t be able to make it through your Vegas vacation without visiting a buffet at least once.

Here is your buffet plan:

1. Go through and look at all the options at the buffet. Identify the items you really want and decide that those are what you will get.

2. Now go through and make yourself a salad with lots of veggies, and little to no dressing (also try and avoid crotons or other pure carb toppings).

3. Now that you’ve had your veggies go and get those items you’ve decided on trying. Don’t over do it, just get regular or smaller portions so as to try a variety of your selected options (remember, you don’t have to eat everything on your plate).

4. Now, if you feel you must try some dessert options, go and first get a small (1/5 of your plate) portion of veggies (carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc., whatever you want). Now add the dessert(s) you want to try.

5. After you finish your dessert(s), eat the veggies and drink some water. By the way, water is what you should be drinking. Save the calories for your food.

By following this plan, you will have made a total of three trips to the buffet, and you will have consumed mainly healthy veggies.

Working Out While in Vegas

Yes, you are on vacation, and yes, you will be parting and enjoying yourself, but with a little planning you can still easily get your workouts in and stay fit while in Vegas. Here are some simple tips to help you stay lean and fit, while enjoying everything that Vegas has to offer:

1. Before you book a hotel check to make sure that they have a fitness center, or are located next to one. There are so many options for hotels, and they all want your business. If you don’t see a fitness center listed on their website, you should call them and ask them about it. A lot of the time they will give you free passes to a nearby gym.

2. Workout in the morning! Make this part of your morning routine, so that the rest of the day is all vacationing: gambling, taking in a show, visiting attractions, etc. Do it first thing in the morning to get it out of your way. Remember, you’ll be tired by the end of the day from hard vacationing.

3. You can always workout in your room. Yoga can be done anywhere, as well as other exercises like calisthenics (push-ups, sit-ups, etc.). You could also bring a workout video with you, and follow along in your hotel room.

4. Another cool idea is to use the Vegas strip to your advantage. The Vegas strip is 4.2 miles of casinos, shows, rides, and other attractions. Plan out where you want to go, but make sure those places are all over the place. By doing lots of walking you will be working out while having fun. There are plenty of taxis and public transportation in Vegas if you get too tired, but walking is a great way to stay in shape.

5. Another great way to stay in shape is to turn your workouts into part of your vacation. Vegas offers tons of fun and exciting fitness adventures. Everything from martial arts classes, to Zumba, Yoga courses, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc. is available. You name it, they got it! Try something new and exciting.

Las Vegas definitely offers a very fun time to be had by all. It also offers lots of opportunities for you to stay in shape. Follow the plan and tips provided, and you will be sure to not only have a great time, but stay healthy and fit as well. By doing this, you will have lots of energy to keep partying, and enjoying life for many years to come.


Brendon has been in the Las Vegas travel industry for the past 15 years. As a frequent traveler to sin city he maintains a respect for Americas playground.
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