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The Titanic Artifact Exhibition features more than 250 authentic artifacts. You'll also hear the personal, tragic, romantic, exhilarating, stories of the passengers on that novel voyage. Save up to 5% off admission when you book your tickets online with this special offer.

Reserve before: 2022-04-26

You won’t find Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet in this exhibit, but what you will find is an interesting and historical Titanic experience.

This historical exhibit about the legend of the sea is only available at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Walk through the exhibit and explore real artifacts from the ship and replicated wonders. Get your picture taken on the famous stairs from the Titanic that were also seen in the 1997 film.

The highlight of the exhibit is the 15 ton piece of ship. You get to go up close and personal with a huge piece of the actual vessel. It is one of the largest pieces ever to be brought up from the depths of the Atlantic.

Make sure to purchase tickets at least 24 hours in advance because this exhibit is often sold out due to popularity.

  1. An experience like no other.
    - March 22, 2016

    April 14, 2012 marked the centennial of the Titanic’s fateful journey. As I walked through the exhibition and gathered up those amazing facts about that infamous shipwreck, I was astounded at the many artifacts. I especially liked her famous staircase. The lighting, music, and sound affects her during my walk through made me feel I was on board the titanic on that chilly night. The cap to my experience was feeling just how cold the iceberg was that struck the Titanic. All in all, highly recommended to everyone who likes to learn a little about historic events like that. Hope you survive your trip there!

  2. Cool
    - July 29, 2015

    This exhibit is really fascinating! The gigantic iceberg is cool to check out, and I love how interactive it is. Kind of pricey, but worth the time.

  3. A Little Pricey
    - May 15, 2014

    My only complaint is the cost – $30 is just a touch too much. But, if you can get past the price, the exhibit is excellent. It gave a very unique view into the era and the Titanic. My favorite moment was – The Big Piece – which was just stunning.

  4. absolutely extraordinary
    - January 15, 2013

    This is an amazing exhibit. It really makes you feel like your on the real ship. The sounds and artifacts are so amazing. They have a gigantic iceberg where it is as cold as the waters the people were swimming in. It was so fascinating. Even for a 12 year old!

  5. Amazing!
    - December 15, 2012

    I’ve always been fascinated by the Titanic and this was an amazing exhibit. The artifacts were awesome to see. Very well done. Would definitely go back.

    - November 29, 2012

    Not only is this exhibit amazingly breathtaking, it is so touching! Personal items belonging to the ship’s passengers are on display pulling on your heart strings! The replica of the ships desk is awesome! A truly must see while you are in Vegas!!!

  7. Amazing!!!
    - September 25, 2012

    This exhibit was amazing! I wasn’t expecting to be left in awe. The replica of the grand stair case and all the others were simply breathtaking. I would recommend this to everyone! You are seeing a piece of history!

  8. Simply Breath taking
    - August 6, 2012

    Before you enter the exhibit you receive a Titanic passport that belonged to a real Titanic passenger, which at the end of the exhibit you find out if they survived or not.When you get inside you are amazed. You could feel and hear the engines in some parts in the exhibit. They rebuilt the Grand Staircase and the Promenade Deck. Being the HUGE Titanic fan I am, I read and listened to all the facts. I highly recommend reading all the facts.The even have a huge piece of the Titanic thats about 30 feet high and 40 feet wide. After the exhibit you want to do the whole thing again :)

  9. Great Experience!!!
    - May 29, 2012

    This exhibition was great. Downside was all the reading. I didn’t want to read all the facts, I skipped most. But what I did read was interesting new facts that I did not know about. They had actual plates, jewelry, clothes, and toiletries from passengers.

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