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You'll get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime at Machine Guns Vegas. You'll get to shoot firearms like AK-47s, MAC 10s, Glock 17s and M60s. This is target practice for action heroes! Book online. No minimum purchase required.

Reserve before: 2022-04-19


Offering all the glitz and glamour you expect in Las Vegas but with a state-of-the-art gun range and lounge, Machine Guns Vegas provides a full spectrum of military weaponry in a multitude of packages. There are many custom packages from which to choose including one specifically for females and one for children. Each package can be extended with the addition of another weapon or more rounds. There are 10 shooting lanes (69 feet long), two of which are in the private VIP room.

For the true enthusiast, there is a package which includes a trip to the outdoor range in the desert. This package includes a grenade launcher and a sniper rifle experience.

Special combos are available for bachelor/bachelorette parties, or in combination with other Las Vegas thrill experiences. See the website for “Bundle Deals.”

  • Free transportation to and from your hotel is included in most packages
  • Note that alcohol is strictly prohibited and anyone under the influence is not allowed to participate.
  • All guns must be rented, no personal weaponry permitted.
  • A Valid ID is required.
  • All firearms and ammo are real.
  • Spectator fee $20.
  • First timers welcome.
  • VIP room upgrade $100/person

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