Feel the thrill of skydiving without actually having to jump out of the plane. This is a no-worries way to experience the excitement of skydiving. Weather is never a factor in this skydiving experience.

Do you really want to skydive but are unsure if you can handle the heights? Then you need to experience indoor skydiving, where you will have the wind blowing in your face and the sensation of falling hundreds of feet without the danger of actual skydiving. Any age can take part in this incredible heart pounding experience. Go through a short briefing session on safety tactics and then you will be all set to have your own dare-devil skydiving experience. Plus, with this experience won’t have you worrying about the weather or any other factor that might keep you from jumping out of a plane. At Indoor Skydiving, all you need to worry about is having a great time; and rest assured that it won’t be a worry at all!

  1. loved!
    - April 11, 2016

    We went with our boys. So cool and so much fun! Definitely recommend!

    - August 12, 2015

    We went for a work party, and it was so much fun! I’d definitely go again with my family.

  3. Teens loved it!
    - July 1, 2013

    Our two teen sons went on this and had a great time. Everyone that works there was a pleasure.

  4. Awesome!
    - August 27, 2012

    Always a blast to fly in the wind tunnel. A must do!

  5. Awesome!!!
    - July 3, 2012

    Went for a bachelorette party and we had a blast! Even went back for round two the same day!!

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