Battlefield Vegas Promotions Codes & Offers (2)

Get a Free Tshirt, Humvee transportation, 20 rounds with a Glock 17, 25 rounds with a full-auto Uzi submachine gun, 25 rounds with a full-auto Colt Commando. All this for just $89 at Battlefield Las Vegas.

Reserve before: 2022-04-26


Visit the ultimate shooting range in Vegas and experience the thrill of firing a weapon from your choice of over 350 available. With a variety of packages and price points, you are sure to find something that gets you fired up! The ultimate choice is the Mini-gun that can shoot 4000 rounds per minute. Need something to make your Vegas vacation special? Go for the Tank crush option and for $2500 – $3500 you drive either a T-55 or an Abrams and crush a car!

Admission includes instruction, ammunition, eye/ear protection, range fees and a target.

  • Kids’ Package $109
  • Free Humvee ride to/from your hotel to the Battlefield
  • No one under the influence allowed
  • Valid ID required
  • To share a package there is a $20 additional charge.
  • Closed toe shoes suggested.
  • No privately owned firearms.
  • Early Bird special before 9:30 am is 15% off.


  1. must go
    - March 8, 2016

    Great customer service and experience. Will go again

  2. Shooting Range Fun
    - October 2, 2015

    My dad and I had a lot of fun here! I love going to the range. We had a great range officer. I never thought I could shoot so good! It was an amazing experience. We definitely want to go back.

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