Las Vegas has been home to many bachelor parties over the years. You don’t really need an excuse to go overboard in Vegas but it’s nice when you have one. Bachelor parties in Vegas are a great excuse for a bunch of guys to get together away from home with nothing and nobody in the way or holding them back. People ask me for ideas on how to plan a bachelor party so I figured I’d break it down with great detail. There are a lot of moving parts to any bachelor party and these are only the important ones.

Flights – You’re going to be (way too) excited when you fly to Vegas so try to sit together. This will keep it so that you don’t bother too many people by getting up or talking too loud. If you fly Southwest everyone should spend the extra $$$ to get the early seating.

Duration – You only need two or three days for the bachelor party but adding a day to the end of the trip is smart. It gives you a few hours of sleep and time to compose yourself (or sober up if you booze).

Location – Stay in the area you want to party. For example stay on the Vegas strip if that’s where you want to party. Moving large groups of people just adds expenses to the trip and can be a pain to coordinate.

HotelsThe Palazzo is an all-suite hotel but a little on the pricy side of things. You can pile a lot of people in a beautiful room or just enjoy the extra space for yourself. If you’re looking for a cheap place to stay on the Vegas strip The Linq is probably the least expensive option.

Money – The bachelor doesn’t pay for anything so make sure you plan accordingly. Make sure you always have cash on hand. If overpaying for group outings is a concern you can try a group payment plan, like WePay, for certain group outings.

Plans – Keep it loose, you’re in Vegas!

Dinner – Plan one nice celebratory dinner. This is a mandatory meeting for everyone. It’s a place to do your toasting and roasting of the bachelor. There are plenty of restaurants that have private rooms but you’ll have to reserve them well in advance of your trip and you should. If you plan on staying more than a weekend you can do more nice meals but there is only one that needs to be special.

Breakfast – Wake up and text the last person you were with to see if they want to grab coffee, water and something to get the day moving. Friends should do this until you have a nice group (or just a friend). Recapping the previous night is awesome and where some of the best memories are shared.

Day time – Do something fun together one afternoon. Dune buggy driving in the desert, gun ranges and golf are good ways to fill an afternoon with something other than gambling.

Clubs – You’re probably going to want to party. I recommend calling a VIP hosting company, like Red Carpet VIP, to sort this for you. Companies like Red Carpet can zip you right in past the line. Large groups of dudes never get this kind of access alone. They can also coordinate tables and bottle service and anything you might want.

Strip Clubs – You can call in advance to make special plans or just wing it when you get to the club. Strip Clubs deal with this often so there’s little you can do to shock the clubs. Call in advance for free limo rides to the strip club. I recommend making this the last stop of the night since you’ll likely split afterwards anyway. As with everything the bachelor should be the focus here.

Escorts – They’re around Vegas but, despite popular belief, not legal in Las Vegas.

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas – There’s nothing to see here. Keep the party off of social media unless the bachelor says to post something.

When looking at this as a list if may seem like a lot but it really isn’t. It’s a handful of phone calls or emails. Figuring out who’s going to come out for the bachelor party will be more stressful. Writing this list of things to do for a bachelor party brought up a lot of fun memories, some of which will never be spoken. That’s the way it should be.