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Whats the best thing to do after a jet helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon? Board a river raft for a float down the Colorado River. Book the ultimate Grand Canyon rafting adventure online for a discount.

Reserve before: 2018-07-25

Experience both air and water on this full day rafting and helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.  You are whisked from Las Vegas on the luxurious jet helicopters over the Grand Canyon for views unmatched by any on land.  You then land at the Boulder City airport and meet up with the rafting crew.  Your fully motorized pontoon-rafting voyage is narrated along the 12-mile stretch of the Colorado River through the Black Canyon.  You are served lunch when reaching Willow Beach, Arizona.  You are returned to your hotel by shuttle.

Price Range: $644 and up

9.5 hour tour, 90 minute helicopter ride

Lunch included

For each guest weighing more than 300 pounds, an adjacent empty seat is required to safely balance the aircraft. Tour company will charge for the adjacent seat at the time of check-in.

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