Location: Rio Suites , Showroom
Ages: 4 +
Show Times: Daily at 7 PM, Select days at 9 PM also

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Reserve before: 2020-10-22

WOW is the type of show that belongs in Vegas. Acrobatics, 3D-multi-media projections, great theatrical lighting and a really cool water stage. It's so...Vegas! Save up to $79 off tickets to see WOW at the Rio.

Reserve before: 2020-09-28

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Reserve before: 2020-10-01

A family-friendly show in Vegas that will captivate children and adults alike as the pool-stage erupts with acrobatics and choreography amidst multimedia projections.

A cast of more than 30 international performance artists takes to the stage and pool to dance, fly, and flip with walls of water, holograms, and multi-media projections. This entertainment spectacular is filled with acrobatics, choreography, magnificent music, theatrical lighting and water effects that will Wow you!

This touring production finds a home for the first time in Las Vegas after already wowing 2.5 million people worldwide.  The Rio Showroom has been customized with a new stage and a pool which invite audience interaction in the World of Wonder.  This is a great show for families as the kids will be awestruck by the antics which defy the imagination.


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