Vinnie Favorito Unfiltered

Location: Westgate , Cabaret
Ages: 18 +, Mature audiences only
Show Times: Wednesday – Sunday at 9 PM
Blackout Dates: Monday and Tuesday

Billed as “Equal Opportunity Comedy,” Vinnie is not afraid to offend anyone and everyone! This Boston-born comic steers clear of standard lines and routines, choosing instead to aim his sense of humor at his audience – sometimes merciless, always hilarious.

Deriving his humor and comedy from the audience rather than from pre-developed material, Vinnie Favorito delivers a different show every night.  Not afraid to interact with each and every member of the audience, his quick wit creates off-the-cuff comedy by roasting the audience members.

No subject is taboo, and many people keep coming back just to see what he will say next! Be prepared to laugh at yourself as he hits every stereotype with his free-flowing insults.  Have a thick skin or you may be offended by his indiscriminate, truth-be-told, non-filtered jabs!

Check out his show at the Westgate, it is still fresh even after being performed in Vegas for over 13 years!

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