Terry Fator

Location: Mirage , Terry Fator Theatre
Ages: Children under the age of 5 are not permitted
Show Times: Monday - Thursday 7:30 p.m, doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Blackout Dates: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Located inside of his very own theater at The Mirage Las Vegas, Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment is a one-of-a-kind show that mixes elements of “America’s Got Talent” winner Terry Fator’s unparalleled ventriloquism, spot-on celebrity impressions and a musical set accompanied by a live, seven-piece band that offers humorous takes on artists such as Cher, Maroon 5 and Garth Brooks.

Realizing a lifelong dream, Terry Fator finally got a chance to perform his unique brand of entertainment that includes mind-blowing ventriloquism and impeccable celebrity impersonations when he signed a multi-year deal with The Mirage after winning a season of “America’s Got Talent.” Winning that competition sky-rocketed Fator’s career from playing in small clubs to immediate worldwide exposure that included appearances on “The Today Show,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “The Tonight Show with David Letterman.”

Since then, Terry Fator has been voted “Best Impressionist” by Las Vegas Weekly’s Vegas’ Best, and he continues to stun audiences with his unmatched skill as a ventriloquist and spot-on celebrity impressions all backed by a seven-piece live band inside of his very own theater at the Mirage. With his show, Terry Fator: Ventriloquism in Concert live at The Mirage, Fator brings to life the unique personalities of his created characters including Winston, the impersonating turtle, the affable Emma Taylor and the most recent addition Wrex, a crash test dummy.

When it comes to Las Vegas live entertainment, Terry Fator: The Voice of Entertainment live at The Mirage is a one-of-a-kind, must-see show that not only blends Fator’s superb ventriloquism skill with fantastic celebrity impressions, but also includes musical performances that offer the “America’s Got Talent” winner’s hilarious takes on artists such as Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, Cher and many more.

  1. Unbelieveably Good
    - August 17, 2015

    Wow such a great show! You really can’t tell that’s him! So believable. I want to bring my friends back when we visit again.

  2. Must See
    - June 26, 2015

    This show was spectacular! Terry’s impressions are fabulous. There were times I actually thought the puppets were singing. After seeing his show, it makes me want to go back for more. It was well worth the money. This is a must see!

  3. Awesome
    - January 19, 2015

    Best show ever….we laughed so hard! Highly recommend!

  4. Great
    - September 15, 2013

    Went to see his Christmas show and going back for a second time. Well worth it show.I’m a big cridick. Have nothing bad to say.

  5. As Good as it Gets
    - September 10, 2013

    A Hilarious Show – An Amazing Ventriloquist! You will not stop laughing! Terry Fator is so Funny and has such an Incredible Talent! This Show was well worth every penny we spent! Excellent All the Way Around!!!

  6. Worth every penny!
    - June 11, 2013

    What a terrific show! I laughed, cried, and, just thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  7. Phenomenal!
    - March 15, 2013

    I love Terry! If you go to Vegas you MUST see his show! Phenomenal!!!!!!!!!

  8. Best show in Vegas
    - January 22, 2013

    Saw Terry Fator’s show last year. He sings (all with his lips closed) like a man.

  9. Amazing!!!
    - October 22, 2012

    What an AMAZING show! I laughed, I cried….! Definitely worth seeing!

  10. sheer entertainment!
    - June 11, 2012

    Great show loved every minute of it! Terry is an amazing talent.

  11. Worth it!
    - February 22, 2012

    I thought this show would be a waste of time. Boy was I wrong Terry is a musical genius. Not only can this guy sing better with his mouth shut than 99% of singers. He also is amazingly funny without being crude. There is no one I would not recommend this too. If you are going to see him I can tell you, expect to have a great time!

  12. Best puppet show
    - September 5, 2011

    Terry Fator puts one heck of a show. So many times I forgot he was using puppets. The puppets truly seemed to have their own personalities. Terry is multi talented and puts on a great show! Highly recommend seeing this show!

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