Solid Gold Soul

Location: Bally’s , Windows Showroom
Ages: All
Show Times: Sunday, Thursday and Friday at 6:00 pm
Blackout Dates: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday

Solid Gold Soul Promotions Codes & Offers (3)

Purchase your tickets online with this offer and save $15 on VIP Seating or $20 on General Reserved Seating! Be sure to compare all our promotions to get the best rates.

Reserve before: 2018-12-13

Solid Gold Soul is a celebration of the the Magic of Motown! This 90 minute tribute performance is your chance to dance to the best or Motown- Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, the Supremes! Book your tickets and save up to $15 with this special offer.

Reserve before: 2018-12-28

Experience the Magic of Motown while you watch the performers who both look and sound like the originals to whom they are paying tribute.

Watch the impersonators at Solid Gold Soul with tributes to James Brown, Diana Ross, The Four Tops, Jackie Wilson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. You will easily forget that they are impersonators, because they have studied every move of the performers’ stage appearances and recreate the look as well as the sound of the original. Take a trip down memory lane with this showcase of stars backed up by a full band and back-up singers. This is a 90-minute spectacle not to be missed for those who have this type of music in their soul.



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