Location: Luxor , R.U.N.Theater
Ages: 5+
Show Times: Wednesday through Sunday at 7 pm, and some days at 9:30 pm. Shows begin October 24, 2019; tickets on sale now.
Blackout Dates: Monday and Tuesday

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Be one of the first to see the all new Cirque du Soleil live-action show R.U.N.  Grab your tickets now for the show which is opening in October 2019.

Reserve before: 2019-10-01

Don’t walk…….Run to see the newest Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. This is the first live-action thriller by the acclaimed production company.

R.U.N. is a brand new, totally immersive, live-action thriller brought to you by Cirque du Soleil.  The extensive storyline has ‘Run’ as the theme and features more stunts than acrobatics.  The action occurs in front of and around the audience who is brought to the edge of their seats by the special effects and graphic story.  Drawing inspiration from graphic novels and action movies, the thriller follows two families in a fast-paced adventure through Las Vegas.  The fictional bride leads chases and combat scenes throughout the dark underground of sin city.  The high-end technological effects and the giant screens will immerse you in the action as live stunts occur around you.  This collaboration between the movie and music industry with the innovations of the Cirque team should not be missed.

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