Recycled Percussion

Location: Planet Hollywood , Saxe Theater
Ages: All ages
Show Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 5:30 pm
Blackout Dates: Sunday, Monday, Thursday

A family-friendly interactive rock concert, with high-energy drumming on anything but drums, is what Recycled Percussion will give you. It is a blend of comedy, music and percussion that will thrill and amaze you.

As you enter the showroom you are given a drumstick and some other item that you can bang on before and during the show. You are prompted to play along as the band performs, following prompts on the huge video screen behind the stage. Recycled Percussion consists of two drummers, a guitarist and a DJ. They are as much showmen as musicians as they drum the crowd into a frenzy without ever saying a word. Gestures and facial expressions convey meaning as much as the rhythms.

Using props like ladders, a van, a metal grinder, metal bins, buckets, power tools, etc… the band creates a raucous blend of junk rock which is mesmerizing with the athletic routines required to maintain the beat. The audience is very much a part of the show as the entire theater explodes into a driving beat led by the throbbing banging coming from the stage. Recycled Percussion has made an international name for themselves and has performed on “America’s Got Talent” and other TV programs. Make sure to take a beat and be a part of one of the most interactive shows in Vegas.

  1. One of the most AMAZING shows
    - February 22, 2014

    These young men will blow you away with their talents!!!! It’s a MUST SEE!!!!!

  2. Two Drum Sticks UP!
    - September 10, 2013

    I Thought that this show was a Truly Amazing Experience! From the moment these 4 guys take the stage…its non-stop! Drums, Ladders, Buckets, Chainsaws, Guitars, Beat-Boxing…it doesn’t matter! This show has it All! I wanted to watch it all over again! IN-Credible Show!

  3. Very entertaining
    - August 1, 2013

    If you’re in Vegas, you have to see this show! musical, funny, lots of audience interaction. Great for the whole family.

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