Location: Cosmopolitan , Opium Theatre
Ages: 18+
Show Times: 8 pm Wednesday – Monday, and 10 pm Thursday - Sunday
Blackout Dates: Tuesday

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For a ride that is out of this world and filled with humor, raunchy and offbeat acts, step into the Opium den at the Cosmopolitan.

For a close encounter with a spaceship of fools slip through the space/time continuum for the fast and funky Opium show at the Cosmopolitan.  From the creators of Absinthe this sci-fi comedy show has a live band and a storyline.  We follow the OPM (Orbital People Mover) and the crazy crew through spicy songs, extreme dance, sword swallowing, juggling and many, many silly, dirty jokes.  You will find favorite characters; maybe the chanteuse Dusty Moonboots or the Captain Ann Tennille, or the lieutenant who is obsessed with Queen.  Dubbed “Rocky Horror meets Austin Powers” this show is sure to please the fans of that type of genre.


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