Naked Magicians

Location: MGM Grand , Brad Garrett's Comedy Club
Ages: 21 years of age or older
Show Times: Wednesday through Monday at 10 pm
Blackout Dates: Tuesday

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Reserve before: 2019-06-06

For some finely chiseled comedic magical talent check out the Naked Magicians for a truly baffling show!

Australians Mike Tyler and Christopher Wayne have made all the top hats and capes of magicians of yore disappear and perform their magic without sleeves and pockets or, for that matter, any clothing at all.  Their mesmerizing feats will baffle you and their magical comedy somehow distracts you from their naked physiques.  Watching them perform magic while wearing their birthday suits is hilarious and sexy at the same time.  Enjoy this raunchy magical take by the two men from down under, while you enjoy the down under views.  Use your imagination to figure out where their pull the rabbit out of!



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