Jeff Dunham: Perfectly Unbalanced

Location: Caesars Palace , Colosseum
Ages: 5+, but not recommended for children
Show Times: Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30 PM
Blackout Dates: Friday - Tuesday

Catch Jeff Dunham and his puppets at Caesars Palace; he is one of the most successful comedians and ventriloquists currently touring the world.

Jeff Dunham is the world-renowned comedian and ventriloquist who travels with a troupe of sidekicks. His puppets include the crazy purple creature Peanut, Achmed the dead terrorist, Walter the grumpy retiree, Bubba J. the redneck and José Jalapeño. Jeff and this group of politically incorrect, highly opinionated, insulting and ill-tempered puppets will have you rollicking with laughter.

This 90-minute show flows from character to character. The character Little Jeff is the highlight of the show and one of the best parts is when Jeff chases Little Jeff across the stage. The show does some adlib with questions from the audience; the improv is brilliant. There is some racy language so the show is not advised for children.

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