Jay Leno

Location: Mirage , Terry Fator Theatre
Ages: Guests under 18 years must be with an adult, no one under 16 allowed
Show Times: Limited weekend engagements only at 10 PM

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Jay Leno brings his ever-changing stand-up routine to Las Vegas. A non-stop rambling of very funny personal observations and stories make him an amazing performer. If you liked him on the Tonight Show, you will love him in this 90 minute performance.

Jay Leno started as a stand-up comedian who made his name with guest appearances on the original Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He eventually served as host of that show for almost 20 years, but never gave up his stand-up routine.

He now brings that routine to the Mirage for several dates of sure to be sold-out performances. The routine is one of the cleanest you will find in Vegas and is delivered with such timing and flow that you will be in stitches the entire time. The material is new, not something used on the Tonight show, and his professionalism shows in the way he can perform flawlessly for the entire time. Definitely a great way to spend an evening!

  1. Don't waste your time
    - September 13, 2013

    This was not anything worth seeing. I was very disappointed. I do not ever watch Leno on TV, so I assumed that seeing him in person would be an experience because he’s live, he would or at least should do a little bit of a different routine. Guess Leno is just not an act for me.

  2. Loved the show
    - June 8, 2012

    Jay was awesome.No profanity to make this guy funny.Included members of audience.Laughing so much my sides hurt.

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