Billy Idol: Forever

Location: Mandalay Bay , House of Blues Music Hall
Show Times: Selected dates March 8 – 25 and May 3 – 13, August 31, Sept 2 – 10 and October 12 - 22 at 7 pm

Billy Idol: Forever Promotions Codes & Offers (1)

Each ticket purchase includes standing room only ticket, VIP priority admission to choose the best view of the stage, and 1 drink ticket per guest (valid for either a well cocktail, beer, wine or soft drink inside the music hall). Enter promotion code TRAVELVEGAS during checkout on the credit card screen to apply 5% discount to your entire purchase.

Reserve before: 2017-10-13

The first and only residency for Billy Idol in Las Vegas to showcase his many hits from his extensive catalog.

Billy Idol promises a “beast of a show that will surprise my fans.”  Definitely in keeping with the mantra of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!”  Billy Idol Forever features Steve Stevens and the rest of Idol’s band along with Idol himself in his leather pants performing “Rebel Yell,” “White Wedding,” “Dancing with Myself” and many more hits.  Billy still has his bleach blonde look, taut abs and gravelly crooners voice and he can still dominate the stage.  It is worth the wait to watch him sing “Mony Mony” prancing shirtless around the stage and diving right into “White Wedding” with a shout of “It’s a nice day to Start Again!”


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