Atomic Saloon

Location: Venetian , Kraken Music Hall Grand Canal Shoppe’s 3rd Floor
Ages: 18+ only
Show Times: Monday and Tuesday at 8 pm. Thursday – Sunday 7pm and 9pm
Blackout Dates: Wednesday

Are you ready to enter the Wild West, but with a twist of Blazing Saddles, West World and America’s Got Talent? Well, grab your tickets to the newest show on the Strip, which opens September 8.

The creators of Absinthe and Opium, Spiegelworld, take this new show and depict one of the wildest watering holes in the desert.  Meet Boozy Skunton and her international cast of comic actors, variety acts and acrobats, as she creates one of the greatest saloon acts ever known.  Boozy returns to Vegas to take back the Kracken Music Hall, which the government confiscated as an atomic bomb test site.  She has collected an amoral but sensationally sexy troupe of characters to help stage her return.  Join her and her friends as they recreate one of the wildest shows on the Vegas Strip. Tickets on sale now!


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