A Mob Story

Location: Plaza , Showroom
Ages: All
Show Times: Wednesday – Saturday at 7:30 PM
Blackout Dates: Sunday – Tuesday

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It’s a musical, it’s a mob story, and it’s a real-life history of Godfather Michael Franzese. This is a story of how the Mob made Vegas featuring singers, dancers, musicians and showgirls.

Michael Franzese narrates a journey into the secret mafia world of Las Vegas.  Former Colombo family capo, the last Godfather, Michael Franzese, and former city of Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, provide a realistic portrayal of the Las Vegas mob scene.  Enter the world of wiseguys, gangsters, racketeers, rats, hitmen, and movie stars with the talented cast of singers, dancers, musicians and showgirls who show how the Mob made Vegas.  This powerful new production tells the story in a way that’s never been told before.  The dramatic visuals, the special effects and the musical beats all raise this production to new heights.



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