Station Casinos Updates

Monday, 14 November 2016 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas and Gaming.

Station Casinos is having a banner year. This year the casino company added a new property to their roster, announced a potential major renovation, took the company public and most recently upgraded their players club.
Red Rock Casino is my local casino and it’s always fun to observe how the parent company is doing. Since moving to Las Vegas, Red Rock Casino has undergone a slew of upgrades without changing the essence of what makes it one of the best casinos of the Vegas Strip.
While all the changes with the parent company this year should be good on a business level, they should also be good for the customers. That’s not always the case but it appears Station Casinos is on the right path.
Welcome Palms To The Station Casinos Family
Earlier this year Station Casinos purchased the Palms. While they’re mostly considered a casino chain for Las Vegas locals and this acquisition might help change that perception. The addition of the Palms gives Station Casinos two casinos within a 2-3 minute drive of the Vegas Strip. The other casino near the Vegas Strip is Palace Station…
Palace Station Renovations Coming Soon
Palace Station was the first property for Station Casinos 40 years ago. The former Bingo Hall will be renovated in three phases depending on need over the next couple of years. Plans call for a new hotel tower, bingo hall, movie theater and more over time. Like the Palms, Palace Station is located just off the Vegas Strip a few minutes west of the I-15. Together, these properties will bring Station Casinos closer to the Vegas Strip. When Palace Station is renovated, along side of the Palms, the proximity to the Vegas Strip, friendly gaming and players club will only make Station Casinos more attractive to tourists.
Boarding Pass Players Club Expansion
Station Casinos’ Boarding Pass players club expanded on Nov. 1 into “My Rewards.” You can now earn points and status credits on nearly every way you spend money at any of Station Casinos’ 20 locations including the Palms. Like the bigger players clubs, you can now earn points and credits with non-gaming spend on things like restaurants, bars, bowling, ice skating, spa, hotel stays, pools/cabana visits, catering, and concerts. This is a fantastic addition for Station Casinos. You can find more information on My Rewards here.
If you’re not a Boarding Pass member, you can sign up for the players club using Facebook. Check it out here.
Station Casinos Goes Public
Earlier this year Station Casinos began publicly trading on the Nasdaq stock market under the name Red Rock Resorts. The IPO raised more than $530 million for the company. While financial matters like this might not interest customers all that much, this offering helped Station Casinos cut debt by more than $400 million and accumulate money to make improvements to their properties (see Palace Station). I look forward to seeing more upgrades across all 20 of their casinos in the future.

Dirty Las Vegas Casinos

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A day in a Las Vegas casino can be strange. You’ll meet all kinds of people from all over the world. In the city of sin, many inhibitions can go out the door. Common sense may also go out the door. Catching Vegas fever is usually a good thing. However catching an actual fever in Vegas isn’t good.
When visiting Las Vegas you’re usually here “for a good time and not a long time.” Sometimes, good habits are thrown to the side in order to have a better time. Someone might normally spend 30 seconds washing hands thoroughly after using the restroom but there’s a strong desire to get back to the action on the casino floor when in Las Vegas. That 30 seconds may be the difference of hitting the random number generator of the slot machine at the right time to hit a jackpot. It could mean a couple fewer wins at the tables. Whatever the game, nobody wants to miss out.
While seeking those good times and not washing up, you’re also bringing germs back to the table. Those germs and bacteria touch every card, chip, dollar, surface and person nearby. Germs can similarly be passed by sneezing or coughing directly into your hands. Germs are easily passed on with so much happening in a casino.
Shortly after I first started visiting casinos, I became a part-time germaphobe. It’s not possible to control the people around me, but I can do the best time stay as clean as possible. Washing hands thoroughly became a goal. I carried hand sanitizer too in case there wasn’t a need to use the restroom. Keeping germs away is a positive value play for a Vegas vacation.
Dirty Casinos in Las Vegas
To this day I keep my hands as clean as possible in the casino and the thought of germs while at the tables and machines has vanished. However, recently tested casinos for bacteria germs and it has me thinking about this topic. The report didn’t really surprise me but it reminded me what we’re dealing with.
Casinos have more bacteria than just about everything we come across in our everyday lives. No matter which denomination of casino chip you touch, it’s germier than a toilet seat, toilet handle or bathroom door at home. The research also shows that slot machine handles hold onto just about every germ that is in the air of a casino.
Dirty Surfaces Las Vegas
Surprisingly, the slot machine spin button is among the least germy surfaces you’ll come across in the casino. On the other side, slot machine handles are the dirtiest. This is something you might want to keep in mind the next time you play old school reel slot machines. The only time I touch slot machine handles today is when I’m on a bad streak and need to change my luck.
The casino chip germ counts aren’t much of a surprise. Since most minimum wagers are in denominations of $5 ($5, $10, $15 minimum wagers are normal) those are the chips used the most in a casino. Not coincidentally, they have the most germs. Meanwhile, the highest denomination of chip surveyed had the least. I’d imagine the number decreases as you reach $100 and $500 chips.
Casino Germ Ratings Las Vegas
The most surprising information found in this study is which casinos have the highest bacteria counts. The study used TripAdvisor ratings as a guide to choosing a low-rated, mid-rated, and high-rated casino to perform their germ testing.
Surprisingly, the highest-rated casino tested contained the most bacteria. The casino tested had over 20 times more than the mid-rated casino and more than double the low-rated casino. The study doesn’t point to poor upkeep, but rather high traffic as the culprit with the high-rated casino. The more people visiting a casino the more germs they bring into the property.
Studies about cleanliness in casinos freak me out for a minute. I remember the time when a friend walked into a casino without gambling and left after 10 minutes with pinkeye. It didn’t ruin the trip, but it certainly didn’t help.
This study and that story are good reminders to wash your hands frequently, don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth between spins on the slots, and steer clear of people who appear sick. The worst time in Las Vegas are when you’re sick.
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11 New Slot Machines To Look For In Vegas

Monday, 03 October 2016 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Every year the casino industry from all over the country gathers in Las Vegas to purchase new products for their casinos at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E). Buyers for the casinos look for everything from new games to the beverages they serve while you’re playing and the chairs you’ll sit on. The show is quite impressive and full of things we don’t normally think about casinos shopping for.
There’s really a lot to cover at the expo but there’s one major product that occupies about half the floor space at G2E. Of course, I’m talking about slot machines. The majority of the casino floor is occupied by slot machines so it makes sense the sales floor at the expo would be.
Slot machines on display come in all shapes, sizes, and themes at G2E. However, the big name themes are the games that you’ll usually notice first. Here’s a look at 11 of the slot machines with familiar titles that you can expect to see in casinos within the next year.


Seinfeld Slot Machine Las Vegas

The Goonies

The Goonies Slot Machine in Vegas

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Slot Machine Las Vegas

Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski Slot Machine Las Vegas

My Cousin Vinny

My Cousin Vinny Slot Machine Las Vegas

Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller Slot Machine Las Vegas


Lampoons Vacation Slot Machine

Betty White

Betty White Image on Slot Machine

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw Slot Machine in Vegas


Baywatch Slot Machine Las Vegas


Sharknado Slot Machine Las Vegas

Cheap Gambling in Las Vegas

Wednesday, 21 September 2016 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Despite Las Vegas being known as the gambling capital of America, not everyone who visits actually gambles. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, 73% of all visitors to Las Vegas in 2015 said they gambled while in town. The majority of those who did gamble when visiting Las Vegas only did so for 2 hours or less during their trip. The average person visiting Las Vegas in 2015 stayed for just over two days.
The average gambling budget in 2015 was $578.54, which is less than $300 per day. When you divide that budget between multiple casinos you’re not looking at much money in play at any individual property. This budget might seem low to some people but it can be stretched out by playing games with low minimum wagers.
Cheap gambling isn’t always the best bet in a casino because the odds may be stacked against you. However, if playing the game – regardless of odds, expected value and house edge – is what brings you entertainment from the games there are plenty of options for the average budget.
Not only is craps the most fun game in the casino, but your money can go a long way. Unlike casino card games that last one hand, a single roll of the dice can last a long time. Head to the Fremont Casino in downtown Las Vegas or Casino Royale on the Vegas Strip to play their $3 craps games. All it takes is $3 to get into the game. If you’d like to decrease the odds for the casino from 1.41% you can place “free odds” on your passline bet.
Most roulette games in Las Vegas have the same odds of 5.26% thanks to a simple layout and usually similar payouts. Low rollers can visit the historic El Cortez casino on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas for 25 cent roulette. Depending on how many numbers you play at once your money will go a long way here.
Slot machines
These games can appear cheap but really aren’t. Don’t be surprised when you look at a bright, shiny and new penny slot machine that has a minimum bet of $1. Look for older slot machines to extend your budget. Some penny slot machines have multi-line games that start as low as 9 cents per spin. These games won’t offer huge jackpots but they can be a lot of fun. You can find these games in many casinos but the older properties will give you the most options.
The most popular game in Las Vegas casinos can be found for just about any price point from $3 up. You just have to visit specific casinos since that $3 game is only found in 10 casinos in Las Vegas. You’ll find more games if you expand your budget to $5. Many of the $3 and $5 blackjack games have different rules which can offer a house edge as low as 0.30% and as high as 2.14%. Visit the Wizard of Vegas blackjack survey for where you can find the best blackjack games in Las Vegas.

Players Clubs Are Your Secret To Savings In Las Vegas

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 by Blog Category: Gaming.

There are plenty of reasons to sign up for a casino players club but the savings you can incur might be the best of them all. You can accumulate points by gambling and spending cash to use for future expenses but that’s not the most immediate savings available to you. You never have to spend a penny to find some kind of savings from some casino players clubs.
When you visit a casino-owned restaurant you may be entitled to a discount regardless of your status in their players club. Certain restaurants at Caesars Entertainment hotels will offer $1 off per item just for showing your Total Rewards players club card. That might not sound like much of a savings that that can be greater than a 10% discount if you’re just ordering a sandwich that costs less than $10.
Some players clubs will offer a percentage off your bill just for paying with your players club. If you’ve earned a some points with Boyd Gaming’s B-Connected players club you be entitled to a major discount when you pay for your meal at one of their restaurants using players club points. Every level of player receives a 40% discount on meals. Many of these restaurants offer lower prices than you’ll see on the Vegas Strip so the discount feels even bigger than you might imagine.
Entry level players club members with Station Casinos Boarding Pass players club get a 10% discount at the gift shop at each property. That discount grows as high as 30% when you reach the highest tier, Chairman, at Boarding Pass. If you earn Boarding Pass points from the casino you can use them to pay for your discounted prices at the gift shop.
M Life, MGM Resorts’ players club, is one of the biggest in Las Vegas. They offer discounts just for signing up to become a member of their players club. M Life offers their entry level (and all levels) discounts on hotel rooms, shows and at participating retail shops when by showing their players club card. Like other players clubs the discounts are better the higher tier you reach. It’s somewhat easy to earn points since M Life offers them for spending in all departments.
Every players club has a different way to reward their members. You don’t need to be a high roller or big spender to start saving money at different hotels, restaurants, etc. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for a players club in person at the casino. Some players clubs even allow you to start the process at home. Becoming a loyal member of certain casino players clubs allows you to reach higher tiers quicker and earn greater benefits.
Players club benefits used to apply only to gamblers and high rollers but that’s no longer the case. Unless you want to remain off the grid in Las Vegas, you should be taking advantage of these players club discounts.

WSOP 2016 Schedule Released

Thursday, 25 February 2016 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Everything is easier when you plan your Vegas vacation in advance. I’d go as far as saying that planning is the key to a great visit to Las Vegas. Hotel room prices are often less expensive, show tickets are more readily available and fewer restaurants are booked early. When you plan in advance you can save money and stress.
One of the biggest events of the summer in Las Vegas just released their schedule. The 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP) will once again take place a Rio and includes 69 events taking place between May 31 and July 18. There are poker tournaments all over the world but nothing compares to the size and scope of the WSOP in Las Vegas. Admission to watch the WSOP in person is free and something everyone who loves Las Vegas and/or poker should see once in their life.
If you’re a poker player and are interested in participating in this year’s WSOP you might want to be aware of some changes:

  • Places Paid:
  • The majority of bracelet (and Deepstack) events will now payout 15 percent of the field, up 50% from what was WSOP standard. The minimum payout is expected to be one-and-a-half times the buy-in.

  • In the Money Earlier:
  • With payouts increasing, many events are expected to reach the money on Day 1.

  • Start Times:
  • Moved up one hour: Most (not all) events are on a new time schedule, with the first event of the day scheduled for 11 am and the late events now to begin at 3 pm. Deepstacks now at 2 pm, 5 pm, 7pm & 9pm.

  • Five Times Starting Chips:
  • All $10,000 buy-in events, including the Main Event, will now feature 50,000 in starting chips, up 66%. This means all WSOP events now start with at least five times buy-in amount.

  • Structure Tweaks:
  • With some of the above changes, structures have also been modified slightly in an effort to aid events meeting scheduled duration. Players are encouraged to review structure sheets in advance. (One example: Instead of a 100-200 level followed by 100-200-25, there will now be just a 100-200-25 level).

  • Playing into the money on Day 1 of Colossus:
  • Each of the six starting flights of Colossus II will reach the money and begin processing payouts immediately within the flight versus a traditional hard bubble on Day 2 of a consolidated field. This will cut any congestion in payouts process significantly and also allow players who cash in a flight or surrendering their stack at the end of the flight, a chance to re-enter another flight and perhaps cash again within the same event.

  • Registering for only one flight at a time:
  • In order to better manage, multi-flight, multi-entry events (Colossus, Millionaire Maker, Crazy Eights & Little One for One Drop), players may only register for one flight at a time in advance. If they are eliminated in that flight, they may go to the cage to register for another flight if they choose.

Last year’s WSOP was a record breaker that had 100,000 entrants for the first time. 2016 is set up to blow the doors off that record. Eight new events have been added to the schedule to meet player demand:

  • June 5:
  • Event #4 – $1,000 Top Up Turbo No-Limit Hold’em. (2-day event) – 20-minute levels.

  • June 9:
  • Event #12 – $565 Pot-Limit Omaha with re-entry. (Lowest ever price point for this variant)

  • June 15:
  • Event #23 – $2,000 No-Limit Hold’em – new price point for poker’s most popular game.

  • June 23:
  • Event #40 – $2,500 Mixed Triple Draw Lowball featuring Limit A-5, 2-7 and Badugi.

  • June 26:
  • Event #45 – $1,500 Mixed No-Limit Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha. A mix of today’s two most popular games.

  • June 30:
  • Event #53 – $1,500 Mixed Pot-Limit Omaha-8/Omaha-8/Big O. A trifecta in the Omaha variant.

  • July 1:
  • Event #54 A/B/C/D – $888 Crazy Eights Eight-Handed No-Limit Hold’em – $888,888 guaranteed for 1st. First time a sub-$1,500 buy-in event will be run short-handed

  • July 7:
  • Event #61 – $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em. 2-4 person teams. Must register together. $1,000 per team.

The WSOP event that most people are familiar with from TV is the Main Event. The $10,000 buy-in tournament begins July 9, 10 and 11 at 11 am and is scheduled to end on July 17. The final nine players remaining will return to the Rio to play the final table live on ESPN from October 30 to November 1.
The Main Event may be the most popular event today but Colossus is closing in on the leader. The new event debuted last year and had 22,374 entries thanks to its affordable $565 buy-in. The pot for winners is increasing from $5 million to $7 million this year. At least $1 million will be paid to the winner. Colossus begins on June 2nd and will end on June 7.
Having the dates and schedule of events for WSOP a few months in advance should help save a few bucks and get you into shows and restaurants you want to visit. For more information and a full schedule of events visit
Looking for a room discount for WSOP 2016? Check out the TravelVegas deals HERE.

Save Money by Gaming Wisely

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Believe it or not Las Vegas is no longer the mecca for gambling like it used to be. Today there is legal gambling in most states in America. That said, plenty of people still come to Las Vegas and gamble. Fabulous shows and dinners may top the list of priorities today but there’s always time to hit the casino.


We’re always searching for ways to save money in Las Vegas and there are plenty of ways to do that. There are discounts to be found in restaurants and bars, there are websites like Travel Vegas that offer discounted show tickets but one overlooked way to save money, or extend your money and fun, is to play the right games in the casino. Here are a few ways to maximize your money in a Vegas casino.



Blackjack has changed a lot over the years. The traditional payout when you’re dealt blackjack used to be 3:2 everywhere ($3 for every $2 bet). That traditional payout for blackjack is being lowered at many casinos to where you only receive 6:5 ($6 for every $5 bet) when you’re dealt blackjack. This may not seem like a lot of money per wager but it adds up over time. Check the rules of the blackjack table to see what the rules are for the game.


The Wizard of Vegas has a very hand blackjack survey that details which blackjack payouts and rules you’ll find in each casino. The 1.5% difference from 6:5 blackjack to 3:2 blackjack goes a long way over time to keep you a) playing longer or b) hitting a hot streak and having a winning session. More fun and/or winning go a long way to a great time in the casino.



Craps appears to be really complicated but it can be one of the most simple games and one of the best ways to maximize money in the casino. The casino only has a house edge of 1.41% on pass line wagers is among the smallest in the casino. There are other wagers on the craps table with a house edge in the double digits so be careful where you place your money. Keep it simple and make smart wagers. Craps is also a smart way to extend your bankroll because each roll can take a while when you’re at a full table. The game is always fun be it’s also one home to one of the smartest wagers in the casino.


Slot Machines

Slot machines are a tricky lot of games. Just because you’re playing a penny slot machine it doesn’t mean that you’re playing a cheap slot machine. Some of the games have minimum wagers that are more than the maximum wager at a quarter slot machine. Similarly some penny slot machines might have a higher maximum wager than some $1 slot machines. You should check the amount of money per spin to make sure you’re risking an amount of money you’re comfortable with.


This is important to note because penny slot machines have the worst return rates of any denomination of slot machine. For example casinos win about 10% of the money played in penny slots but only win 6% of the money played in quarter slot machines and even less when you play $1 and $5 slot machines. If the amount of money spent per spin is the same you’ll be wise to play the higher denomination slot machines. Like playing better rules in blackjack you can playing longer and/or hit a hot streak and having a winning session when playing a slot machine with better returns.


Trends In New Slot Machines – G2E 2015

Monday, 05 October 2015 by Blog Category: Gaming.

The annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E) took place in Las Vegas this week. There are seminars for the casino business to discuss the state of their industry but that’s not what’s interesting to most casino visitors. G2E also has an expo where casino game manufacturers debut their new games for casinos. Some of these games are concepts that we may never see and some of the ideas are ready to hit casinos. Here are a few trends in new slot machines that we can expect to see hitting casino floors in the next year.


Skill Based Slot Machines

Space Invaders slot machine

Skill based slot machines have the biggest buzz as manufacturers and casinos seek to find games that appeal to younger gamblers. The average slot machine player is a 55 year old married woman so this change may not happen right away. While the first phase of these games might not reach millennials, the first skill based games that hit the casino floors might help bring that average age of slot machine players a few years. When you reach the Space Invaders bonus round in this slow machine from Scientific Games you can have returns based on your video game skills or you can set the game to randomly max out at a certain return rate. It’s unknown right now what range returns will be with these skill based games but they’re estimated somewhere between 90% for low skill and 99% for high skill.


Space Invaders is probably appealing to people that grew up in the 1980’s and are currently in their 40’s. That’s a slightly younger slot machine player but not drastically and not the millennial that marketers crave so much. There are other companies with less familiar skill based games that might attract younger players but Scientific Games (they own WMG and Bally Technologies) is one of the largest slot manufacturers so they have a good chance of these games hitting casinos sooner. They estimate this game is will hit casinos in the 3rd quarter of 2016.


New Skins

House of Cards slot machine

Every year there are a slew of new slot machine themes based on familiar TV, movie, music and lifestyle brands. Many of the biggest names are slapped onto older cabinets with technology that you’ve already played. The familiar themes and familiar game play make many of these new releases immediately popular. Some of the slot machines with new skins with game play that may look familiar include Breaking Bad, Caddyshack, Cher, Downton Abbey, Elvira, Harley Davidson, House of Cards, Magic Mike XXL, Margaritaville and Orange Is The New Black. Expect to see many of these slot machines in casinos before some other, more technologically advanced, games.


New Technology

The Simpsons slot machine - Homer

While I can be easily impressed with slot machine themes that I love (like Caddyshack) the thing that I find most appealing in slot machines is technological advancement. The new slot machine for The Simpsons is the biggest advancement in mainstream slot machine technology that I saw at G2E that will actually hit casino floors. Many will simply love The Simpsons slot machine because it features all of the favorite characters from the show. The things that got me excited about The Simpsons slot machine was the technology. The graphics were as crisp as any slot machine and the game is displayed on what appears to be 4 screens. There’s one main screen with one on each side of the main slot game. There’s a 4th screen above the main screen to show even more action.


Motion sensor slot technology

One of the more subtle technological advancements in The Simpsons slot machine is the motion sensor. When you get the Doughnut Bonus you place your hand under the the motion sensor and actually catch falling sprinkles in your hand for more spins or credits. This is a simple use of the new technology but it seems like it’s just the beginning of this motion sensor technology for slot machines. There’s always one slot machine that offers something different and awesome at G2E and this year it was The Simpsons. Sadly The Simpsons slot machine isn’t expected to hit casinos for another year.


The Changing Face Of Gambling In Vegas

Saturday, 05 September 2015 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Gambling in Vegas has changed a lot recently in Las Vegas and that’s not a good thing for those who like to partake. Before diving into the specifics let’s look at the history of gambling in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a city that was essentially built on casino gambling. There were always beautiful hotels and great performers but people visited Las Vegas for the gambling. That started to change about 30 years ago when gaming (as the government likes to call it) revenue dipped below 50% of overall casino revenue. Since that time casino operators have altered their business models to fit customer demand.


Fast forward to today and hotel-resort-casino operators are looking at gaming revenue that’s closer to 30% of overall revenue. The change is understandable as you can now gamble in almost every state in America. While this dip in gaming revenue started because of customer demand it’s being driven by casino operators who are decreasing the size of gaming areas and offering worse odds that discourage players from wanting to gamble.


It’s understandable for a business to create an environment that’s appealing to the majority of customers. While some gamblers may complain about having less space to play there’s usually an ample number of table games and machines to fit everyone that wants to play. However, the changing odds and rules in the casino isn’t appealing to anyone.


Most casino gamblers are okay knowing that the casino has an edge on the games. Most are looking for entertainment with their time gambling. The better the odds the longer someone can play. The longer you play a casino game the better your chances of walking away a winner. Over time the casino will always have the edge but in the short term it’s always possible to walk away a winner.


A recent report from the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers showed that slot players don’t gamble as much on slots as they once did. Without getting too deep into the into casino operations the casinos are looking to “hold” more money from slot machines. This makes you lose money faster and ultimately spend less time and money gambling. You can view a short press release on the report if the entire paper is a bit too much to digest.


Beyond slot machines, table games are having their odds changed to the point where it’s becoming more difficult to win. Blackjack was once a game where players could mathematically win if they played the game perfectly. That’s no longer the casino on the Vegas Strip with rules changes at just about every property.


Video poker pay tables on the Vegas Strip have been so altered that it’s almost not even fun to play. If you’re at a bar you’ll probably find better value simply paying for drinks instead of playing video poker in order to receive complimentary drinks. You’ll probably have more fun too but that’s a matter of opinion.


Let’s not get started on the rules changes coming to craps. Wynn recently decreased odds from 3x-4x-5x to just 2x. Once the casinos alter the odds for craps they’ll move on to other traditional casino games. This craps rule is likely to spread across the strip like changes to video poker, slot machines and blackjack.


So, what’s a gambler to do? I someone is looking to extend their gambling bankroll there’s a good chance that they’re heading off the Vegas Strip to gamble. Downtown Vegas and locals casinos just off the Vegas Strip offer better rules, odds and an overall better gambling value.


Las Vegas is such a great place, in part, because there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for great dinner and a show but not gambling so much then you have the Vegas Strip. If you’re more concerned with gambling and want to play with the best odds and rules then you can head to one of the many casinos off the Vegas Strip. Viva Las Vegas!


Why Signup for Players Card?

Thursday, 13 August 2015 by Blog Category: Gaming.

The value of a Las Vegas players club should not go unnoticed. There are more rewards for new members of a Las Vegas players club than ever before. There have been a lot of changes in the past few years to almost every Las Vegas players club because they’re now more useful to casino marketers and thus offer more value to you, the customer.


For the uninitiated, a players club is the loyalty club for Las Vegas casinos and hotels. Players clubs started off as cards to track spending of slot machine players but have evolved into something closer to the loyalty club of your local supermarket. Like that supermarket loyalty club the benefits from a Las Vegas players club are free when you sign up. Similarly you receive points to use as rewards for dollar you spend when you use the card.


Everything else to do with a players club card is different because the properties have different business models. Some players clubs will reward points for all spending on property while other only offer rewards when spending money in the casino. Check your favorite casino’s players club for benefits and how to earn rewards.


Since your information is more valuable to casino marketers the players clubs have evolved to offer more entry level benefits than ever before. These players club entry level benefits are free just for signing up. When you spend money with the property you’ll get more rewards and greater benefits but there are a few things you’ll get just from signing up.


Immediate Discounts – Just about every players club will offer a small discount when purchasing items from casino operated restaurants, bars and shops. Entry level players club discounts may start at 5% but as you become more loyal to a property these discounts will grow to become as high as 50% off items in these outlets. Entry level players club member may also receive random discounts that aren’t promoted like $1 or $2 discounts per item at specific restaurant. Every property is different and you can find a lot of these discounts on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


The expanded discounts are a reason that everyone visiting Las Vegas should sign up for a free players club card. Here are a couple other benefits that entry level players club members receive.


Better Access – Another basic benefit of players clubs is access to events at a property. When a property is hosting a concert or special event they’ll often allow their players club members first access to tickets. This is mainly seen as a simple thank you but it’s a benefit when you’re looking at events that will sell out.


When you spend more money and your status with a players club grows this greater access will extend into the other areas of the property where you may be able to have a dedicated check-in area or the ability to skip long lines at restaurants. These benefits don’t hold a dollar value but the intrinsic value is a nice perk to the beneficiary.


Partnership Benefits – The larger casino players clubs will team up with partners outside of the property to offer benefits that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Total Rewards (Caesars Entertainment), has a partnership where all members can earn reward points when they make purchases from 1-800-Flowers. As your status increases with Total Rewards you can gain up to 30% discounts on cruises from their partnership with Norwegian Cruise Line. Again, check your favorite players club for their partnerships.


Sign Up Gifts – Some of the locals casinos will offer small gifts when a new customer signs up for the players club. These gifts can range anywhere from a discount book to a free deck of cards to a few dollars in slot play. These aren’t huge gifts but they’re a nice bonus.


Signing up for a players club should only take a few minutes. If you don’t feel like waiting for someone to enter your information into a computer when you get to Las Vegas you can sign up for some players club accounts online. If you’re an analytic type and want to see if the benefits are worth your time just measure the savings you receive from having a players club card versus the value of the 5-10 minutes of time it takes to sign up. You might be surprised by what you see.

The 5 Worst Casino Bets

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Last week we told you about saving money in Las Vegas by making the right wagers. Playing games with a smaller house advantage extends your bankroll and gives you a better chance to win in the casino. This week we’re going to look at the other side of things. Making bad bets are the easiest way to lose money quickly in the casino.

Below you’ll find some of the worst wagers you can make in the casino. If you enjoy the games or specific wager or game feel free to play it but approach with caution or limit your wagers. For example, I only allow myself $20 per penny slot game. I know it has a large house edge but I love playing them. This just helps minimize the damage while maximizing fun.


Blackjack Insurance

If you play blackjack with perfect basic strategy you can bring the house edge to almost zero (actually 0.20% on a game with favorable rules). Blackjack is a great game that involves just a little skill. One of those skills is to avoid buying insurance when the dealer shows an Ace as their upcard. Depending which blackjack game you’re playing the house edge on insurance can be almost 8%. When you play blackjack you’ll almost always see other players wave off insurance as soon as they see the dealer’s Ace. Follow your fellow players.


Big 6 Wheel

The Big 6 Wheel is a game anyone can play. It involves absolutely no skill and you’ve probably played a similar game before ever walking into a casino. You’ve grown up seeing variations of the Big 6 Wheel at carnivals. The game is easy, you place a wager on a number (or dollar amount) and if the wheel lands on your number you win. There’s a reason this game is displayed so prominently as soon as you walk into a casino. The Big 6 Wheel comes with a huge house advantage ranging from 11% on the $1 wager to over 24% if you play the joker or wild slot on the wheel. If a casino game looks to easy that’s because it comes with a large house edge.


Craps Prop Wagers

You can make certain wagers when playing craps that take away almost the entire house edge. When you play the pass line with max odds your house edge can be as low as 0.00099% depending on the odds available in the casino. Unfortunately the craps table is littered with bad wagering options. Most of these are the proposition (or prop) bets you see in the center of the table. The hard way wagers (rolling doubles) have a house edge between 9% and 11%. The worst wager at the craps table is that “any 7” will show up on a roll. The house edge on “any 7″ is 16.67%. Avoid the center of the table and you’ll be safe from the bad wagers at craps.


Live Keno

Live Keno (as opposed to video keno) used to be a popular casino game but that popularity has waned over the years and you’ll no longer find a live Keno lounge in every casino. They still exist and should probably be avoided. The game is played similar to the lottery where you pick a certain amount of numbers and when a ball matches enough numbers selected you win. Prizes vary depending on how many numbers are hit and where you play. Live Keno has almost a 25% house edge depending on which casino you play. Over time you’re going to lose $25 of every $100 wagered at Live Keno. That’s more than any other game in the casino.


Penny Slots

The casino floor isn’t filled with these bright, shiny and loud games because they’re the most fun slot machines to play. They also give the casino a large house edge without even paying a dealer. While high limits slot machines may have a house edge as low as 4%- 5%, the penny slots may have a house edge as high as 15%. A 15% house edge may not seem like a lot when you’re playing a game at 9 cents per spin but some of these games have a maximum wager above $5 per spin. Even though the house edge is the same for each type of spin you feel it a lot quicker when you’re playing that higher maximum wager.



New Vegas Players Club Partnerships

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Last week MGM Resorts and M Life announced a new partnership with Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity’s Captain’s Club and MGM Resorts’ M life players club members can choose from exclusive premium offers throughout the year. These offers include complimentary cruises for qualified M life Platinum and Noir members, and Captain’s Club members can enjoy benefits and special access at MGM Resorts’ destinations including concerts, events, entertainment venues, restaurants and more.

This partnership encourages guests to sign up for both loyalty clubs as it offers rewards for members of both. The current MGM Resorts/M Life cruise partnership with Royal Caribbean is still in tact (you can find details here). This means you now have two cruise partnerships to choose from if you’re an MGM Resorts M Life rewards member. The addition of Celebrity Cruises just adds to your travel options when you’re in the mood to cruise.

M Life has some of the most robust players club partnerships that you’ll find in Las Vegas. M Life is currently partnered with Hyatt Hotels, Southwest Airlines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Avis, Pinnacle Entertainment (casinos), Cirque Du Soleil and more. You can find more information on these and other partnerships on the M Life website.

M Life isn’t the only Las Vegas players club with outside partnerships. Here’s a quick look at some other partnerships:

  • Caesars Entertainment (Total Rewards) – Hawaiian Airlines, Starwood Hotels, Norwegian Cruise Line, 1-800-Flowers and more. You can find more details here.
  • Cosmopolitan – Marriott Hotels
  • SLS – Hilton Hhonors and other sbe venues across the country.
  • Tropicana/M Resort (Penn National) – Carnival Cruises
  • Venetian/Palazzo (Grazie) – Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG)
  • Wynn (Red Card) – Southwest Airlines


Generally the larger the Las Vegas players club the better the chances are that they have rewards partners aligned with their hotel and/or players clubs. These partnerships may or may not offer you casino players club points but they will offer you savings that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Casino-resort operators are constantly looking to expand their marketing reach so you should expect to see more partnerships between Las Vegas casino-resorts and non-Vegas businesses in the future. While the big names may be leading the way you will find some partnerships with smaller properties in Las Vegas.

Right now Best Western and Casino Royale may have the most surprisingly useful partnership on the Vegas Strip. Many people stay at Best Western hotels across the country while traveling for business. Earning loyalty club points from work to use on a hotel for vacation right in the center of the Vegas Strip is a pretty sweet.

Years ago I stayed at Planet Hollywood for the first time because of their partnership with Starwood. Planet Hollywood became my go-to hotel in Las Vegas for a few years after that visit.

These partnerships allow you to try new hotels, airlines, cruise lines and more for free or at a discount just because of your love for Las Vegas. The world might be a better place if all things we loved were so giving.


5 Best Vegas Casino Bets

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Playing low limits in the casino is great but if you’re not playing the right games you’re not really creating a good value for yourself. Often times lower limit games can cost you money. On the surface penny slots sound like cheap gambling. When you dig deeper you see that A) the maximum wager can be almost $10 and B) the house edge is one of the largest you’ll find in the casino. Penny slots are fun but they aren’t cheap and the house edge means that you’ll lose over 10% of what you play over time.


Having said that knowing the right games to play can extend your bankroll and even allow you a better opportunity to win. Some games in the casino involve skill and some don’t. When there’s a game that involves a skill, you’re going to need to learn correct strategy in order to receive the maximize returns. Here are some of the best bets in the casino.



Unless you know how to count cards the casino will have a house edge on you. Even if you can count you may be asked to stop playing blackjack. Las Vegas casinos now offer blackjack games with a variety of rules that can sway the house edge from as low as 0.20% to as much as 2.3%. Obviously you want to look for games with the best rules (like 3:2 on blackjack) and snag that tiny house advantage. In order to obtain the lowest house edge you’ll have to play perfect basic strategy. You can use a strategy card at the table so feel free to buy one online or in the casino.



Craps isn’t only the most fun casino game to play in the casino but it offers a few different bets with a small house edge. The house edge on the most basic wager, the pass line, is only 1.41%. If you lay “free” odds (actual odds with no house edge) you can bring the house edge down to as low as 0.00099% in Las Vegas depending on which casino you’re playing at. There are other wagers you can make with a similarly low house edge but it’s easiest to keep it simple in the beginning.



Baccarat used to be the game of ultra rich but that’s slowly been changing in Las Vegas casinos over the years. Baccarat is now offered in a few different size games but it still offers a very small house edge. Play the banker and there’s only a house edge of 1.06%, play the player hand and the house edge is just 1.24%. Don’t play the tie (14% house edge) and you’re all set.


Sports Betting

Sports betting has a house edge for the casino of 4.5%. The thing about this house edge is that it’s not a hard 4.5%. It’s not easy but you can beat the house in sports betting. It can be done if you have great sports handicapping skills. If you can pick winners approximately 53% of the time you’ll become a winning sports bettor. That sounds easy but you should realize that most sports bettors aren’t this good. Skill is what will make wagering on sports profitable.



Poker is a game of skill and one of the best bets in a casino. The casino actually has no house edge in poker. They take a small commission, called the rake, from each hand but that’s all. The rake in Las Vegas is usually 10% of the pot with a limit of $4 or $5 depending on the casino. You can overcome the rake and become a winning casino poker player by learning how to play the game and the math behind it.


WSOP 2105 Events Kick-Off

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You’ll be hearing these words a lot over the next couple of months in Las Vegas and beyond. The 46th annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) begins this week! The action kicked off Wednesday, May 27 at noon with the annual Casino Employees Event – a unique poker event bringing all Las Vegas employees together under one roof.

The action really picks up over the first weekend when a new tournament hits the WSOP. On Friday and Saturday (May 29-30), huge crowds of poker players will descend on Rio for a $565 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament called Colossus that guarantees $5,000,000 in prize money. This event will have four starting flights – two each day — one at 10:00 a.m., the other at 6:00 p.m. Colossus is expected to be the largest live poker tournament ever held.

Colossus is expected to be bigger than the Main Event at the WSOP and that’s no small feat.

The Main Even is the big $10,000 buy in tournament made famous on ESPN. The winner of last year’s WSOP Main Event, Martin Jacobson, bested 6,683 players and took home the grand prize of $10 million. This year’s Main Event is expected to have slightly less competitors and a slightly smaller grand prize of $8 million.

This year the Main Event gets underway on July 5 and ends on July 14. Professionals and amateur hopefuls from more than 100 countries around the globe will participate in this year’s WSOP. In 2014, 82,360 entered and $227 million in prize money was awarded to players from 110 different countries.


This year, eleven new events will debut at the WSOP. Here are the details:

May 29-30: $565 Colossus No-Limit Hold’em with a $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool.

May 31: $1,000 Hyper No-Limit Hold’em with a fast, two-day structure.

June 20: $1,500 Extended Play No-Limit Hold’em featuring longer, 90-minute levels.

June 21: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em. (Must be age 65+ to enter.)

June 26: $5,000 Turbo No-Limit Hold’em, two-day structure with a high buy-in.

June 27: $1,500 DraftKings 50/50 No-Limit Hold’em. Half the field to be paid.

June 29: $25,000 High Roller 8-handed Pot-Limit Omaha. 4-day event.

July 1: $1,500 Bounty No-Limit Hold’em. Every player is a bounty. Each is worth $500.

July 3: $777 Lucky 7’s No-Limit Hold’em, featuring a first-ever $777 price point.

July 3: $10,000 Dealers Choice, featuring 19 variants – the most ever played in a single WSOP event.


Here’s a little known secret – you can watch World Series of Poker in person at the Rio for free. The entire World Series of Poker is a spectacle but the great people watching kicks into high gear once the Main Event which begins on July 5. This is a one-of-a-kind “only in Vegas” experience that’s free for anyone to enjoy. It’s also a good excuse to visit Rio and the other casinos in the area.

If you’re not able to watch the action in person in Las Vegas you can watch the WSOP streaming on or on ESPN if you prefer television. You can find details for both at


Earning Players Club Points on The Las Vegas Strip

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Casino players clubs are a great way to earn discounts and freebies when you visit Las Vegas. Players clubs were introduced as a way to entice gamblers to return to a casino to gamble. They used to only reward those gamblers. That’s no longer the case as many larger players clubs act more like traditional loyalty clubs for any kind of business.

The larger and more forward thinking casino players clubs are offering points and rewards for all money spent on property. Cash spending rewards often offering points for spending on dining, hotel rooms, spa treatments and shopping. Here’s an overview of which casino players club offer points for money spent outside of the casino.


Total Rewards (Bally’s, Caesar Palace, The Cromwell, Flamingo, Harrah’s, The Linq Hotel, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Rio) – Earn 1 Reward Credit for each dollar spent on dining, shopping, hotel rooms and amenities (i.e. pools, golf). Note that some off-property and leased businesses may not participate offering points. Check with each business when making a reservation or when making a purchase.


M Life (Aria, Bellagio, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, New York-New York) – Earn 25 M Life Tier Credits for every dollar you spend on hotel, dining, entertainment, or spa in Las Vegas per dollar spent. MGM/M Life hotels in other locations offer different ratios.


Grazie (Palazzo and Venetian) – Grazie offers different amounts of point rewards for cash spending based on your status in the club. Grazie level receives 5 Status Points per dollar spent. Gold and Platinum earn 20 Status points $1 dollar spent. All spending must be charged to your hotel room. You may want to charge everything to your room at Palazzo and Venetian.


Red Card (Encore and Wynn) – Spending is rewarded differently at Encore and Wynn than other Las Vegas hotels. You should charge everything you spend to your hotel room. At the end of your visit a host will let you know if you’ve spent enough to receive any complimentary items or discounts. The ambiguity isn’t meant to be sketchy, it’s a way for the hotel staff to create a better one on one relationship with their customers.


Identity (Cosmopolitan) – The Cosmo probably has the most aggressive players club regarding cash spending. You earn 5 Identity points for every dollar spent on hotel, dining, spa and shopping. Additionally you earn $5 in resort credit for every $100 spent.


The idea of rewarding casino customers for spending outside of the casino and in the rest of the hotel is only a few years old and still growing. Like the original players club rewards in the casino these new rewards are aimed at keeping you loyal to the particular brands.

Not every casino operator has moved to this model yet but some of these companies are already looking ahead at ways to extend their brand to you beyond Las Vegas. Total Rewards and M Life have started to offer players club rewards outside of Las Vegas and even in your house. Casino operators are always looking for new ways to attract customers today so expect more outreach.

Earn Comps for Vegas Without Even Being in Vegas

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Las Vegas players clubs have changed a lot in the past few years. In many casino resorts you can now earn rewards from all money you spend at a property and not just from gambling. In addition to earning points everywhere on property some casino players clubs have also changed by adding outside partners where you can earn and use casino players club points from other businesses and even games. These are great ways to use your rewards but, more importantly, you can now earn rewards without ever stepping foot into a casino.


Caesars’ Total Rewards and MGM’s M Life have taken players club partnerships to a whole other level by adding partners where you can not only use your rewards but you can earn rewards. Earning extra comp points at home or when traveling for work is a great way to save money on your personal vacation in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at the their partners where you can earn reward credits from before ever you get to Las Vegas. Note that these are reward credits and usually won’t apply to your tier status.

Caesars Casino – Play the Caesars Casino game on Facebook for free and you can enjoy the game for fun. You can earn reward credits for coin purchases. The more you spend on coins for the game the higher your reward credit bonus.

$20 = 20 Reward Credits

$50 = 60 Reward Credits

$100 = 150 Reward Credits

$200 = 400 Reward Credits


Total Rewards Visa – This might be the easiest way to earn reward credits without going into a casino. You can earn up to 10,000 reward credits as a bonus when you spend $750 outside of Total Rewards destinations in the first 90 days of having a credit card. You can also earn up to 5X reward credits for every $1 spent at Total Rewards destinations, 2X reward credits for every $1 spent on gas, groceries & airlines, and 1 reward credit for every $1 spent everywhere else Visa is accepted.

Starwood Hotels – Platinum, Diamond and Seven Stars Total Rewards members earn both Tier Credits and Reward Credits on eligible room rates and folio spend in addition to earning Starpoints. This isn’t available to Gold Total Rewards members.

TR Marketplace – You can earn reward credits at hundreds of Total Rewards retail, dining and entertainment partners like – Apple, Best Buy, Gap and Target. You can also earn reward credits by purchasing gift cards from the TR Marketplace.

1800-Flowers – You can earn up to 15X Total Rewards credits when ordering with 1800-Flowers.

M Life only has a couple of partnerships where you can earn rewards without visiting Las Vegas. The majority of their partnerships are more outward, meaning M Life will get you a discount elsewhere.

Hyatt hotels (including Park Hyatt, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Place and Hyatt House) – M life members may present their M life card at check-in at participating Hyatt hotels and resorts to receive Tier Credits for their eligible spend. Membership in Hyatt Gold Passport is required.

Pinnacle Entertainment (locations all over the US, details here.) – M life members may receive gaming, food and hotel offers from Pinnacle Entertainment’s casino resorts.

M Life has partnerships where you can earn discounts and reward points with many other businesses including Southwest Air, Royal Caribbean and Avis. You can see a full list of M Life partners here.


Players clubs are continuing to expand their reach so this is just the launching point for earning rewards outside of a casino. Keep tab on your casinos partners and earn and use your rewards wherever it’s convenient.


Players Club – Maximize Your Rewards

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Players clubs have been a part of casino culture in Las Vegas for years. If you’re staying or playing in a hotel-casino you’ll often sign up for the players club to get discounts or possibly complementary items from the property. If you’re a casino hopper you might do this everywhere you spend money. Why not?


Players clubs in the past were more concerned with spending in the casino but that’s no longer the case. Players clubs have changed a lot in recent years. They’re still concerned with spending in the casino but have evolved include all of your spending with the property (or “properties” in the case of Caesars and MGM Resorts). Casino players clubs are still different but much more similar to loyalty clubs for traditional businesses. This hybrid makes players clubs more valuable than ever before.

The Latest Slot Machines Coming to Vegas – G2E 2014

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The annual Global Gaming Expo happens in Las Vegas around this time every year. The conference is more commonly known as G2E and is expo and conference for the casino industry by the casino industry. It’s the largest casino industry gathering of the year. There are panels discussing the business side of things that casino executives find useful but the expo is where it’s at for casino visitors. The expo side of G2E is where all casinos look to buy products for their respective casinos. There’s everything available from signage and food to casino games. Someone has to buy those chairs for the Diamond Lounge at Planet Hollywood, right?


Slot machines, of all the different casino games at the expo, are what end up getting the most press. Unlike most other casino games on display you’ll see many of the slot machines from the expo on casino floors soon. Some slot machines like the new Wonder Woman slot machines may already be on casino floors as you read this!


New slot machines are so popular at G2E because they’re not just available in Las Vegas. Even small casinos and racinos located all across the country will have some of these slot machines on their property soon. Here are some of the highlights of the new games we found at G2E.

Low Rolling Vegas – Low Limit Gaming Tips

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Nearly half of casino visitors go with a gaming budget under $200. In fact, according to a survey by Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority 13% of visitors to Las Vegas budgeted under $100 for gaming on their visits last year. When hitting the casino with a limited budget you’re likely going to play low stakes. When you’re looking to maximize your money in the casino you’re going to want to make sure you’re playing the right games.


The casinos make a lot their money on low rollers so you’ll generally see that the lower limits games have the largest advantage for the casino. For example, casinos generally win about 10%-12% of money spent at penny slot machines. That’s the largest win percentage of any denomination of slot machine. You can cut their win percentage almost in half by playing nickel or quarter slot machines instead.

Casino Players Card Savings

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One of the most overlooked ways to save in Las Vegas is by having a casino players club card. Despite popular belief, casino players clubs offer discounts to everyone who signs up and it doesn’t matter whether or not you gamble. In fact you don’t even have to spend a penny to get savings from a casino players club. Unlike many other business loyalty clubs you will see greater discounts the more money you spend with a casino. Look at that as a bonus.

Most casino players clubs will offer base members small discounts for many different items purchased in their casinos. For example, with Caesars Entertainment’s Total Rewards you can save a dollar or two per food item at certain restaurants. You can also save 10% on all purchases at their gift shops.