Slot machine players have stepped into the future. Remember the days when you could drop a quarter into a slot machine and pull the arm and you were a winner if the symbols lined up you would win actual money? Ahhhh…one-armed bandits…those were the days. It’s a new day for slot players.

Reel Slot Machine: Liberty Link
Slot machines have advanced over the years. Casinos barely have room on for the original reel slot machines. The newest reel slot machines on the casino floors in Las Vegas are full of technology and gimmicks. I recently found a super tall reel slot machine that included features usually found in video slot machines. Take a look at the bonuses on Liberty Link.

The Liberty Link slot machine starts as a basic reel slot machine. When enough link icons land on paylines, the gameplay is moved up to a video screen. The ever so popular Lightning Link bonus round is typical for that kind of bonus game. It’s unique for a reel slot machine. The next level of bonus goes to the wheel which is about 10 feet high.
Liberty Link ain’t yo daddy’s reel slot machine. It has the loudness, brightness, and fun of a video slot machine with a reel slot package. Penny slots, like Liberty Link, often have a larger house edge for the casino than other denominations. This means that over time players should lose more money than games with a lower house edge. Liberty Link uses lower jackpot reset values to offer a higher jackpot win frequency. Jackpot wins – no matter how small – usually increase the fun of a slot machine. This game is a whole new level of entertainment for reel slot players.
Video Slot Machine: Ghostbusters 4D
The advancement of technology for reel slot machines seems quaint when you look at video slot machines. In all walks of life, we see improvements in video technology. I really took notice of how video technology in slot machines could go to another level at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) way back in 2011.
The Aladdin & The Magic Carpet slot machine combined a full motion chair with high definition speakers and video. The bonus game would take you on a magic carpet ride. The chair would move in sync with the magic carpet. The audio complemented everything and this game blew my mind.
At G2E last year, my mind was completely blown away by a new series of 4D games from IGT. These games are just beginning to hit casino floors. The technology takes the already immersive 3D technology and adds a fourth dimension. Take a look at the recently released Ghostbusters 4D.

The video doesn’t do the technology justice. The 3D screens on the IGT games is a bit too real for me. The 4th dimension is different for each of the games in the series. In the “Ballroom Blaster Bonus,” your finger becomes a proton blaster. As you hunt for ghosts and credits, you’ll feel an energy stream sensation tingling their fingertips.
The 4D technology can a bit overwhelming at first. That said, the technology in this game is amazing and definitely something to check out. Note, you don’t get the full experience by watching someone else play. You need to be in the seat with everything happening inches from your face.


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