One of the best perks of being an upper tier member of Caesars Rewards (formerly Total Rewards) is access to their VIP lounge. Late last year, Caesars Entertainment renamed their famous Diamond Lounges as Laurel Lounges. In Las Vegas, these lounges offer complimentary (kinda, more on that shortly) beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and snacks like chips, dips, and chicken wings.
For many Caesars Rewards members, access to the Laurel Lounges is one of the best perks of the higher tier members of Caesars Rewards. The Laurel name is part of a rebrand that Caesars Entertainment started last year. You’ll notice that some of their luxury hotel rooms and suites are a part of their Laurel Collection.
The Diamond tier of Caesars Entertainment still exists despite the players club name change and the new lounge name. In terms of branding, the Laurel Lounge name also helps to create clarity that Seven Stars members also have access to the VIP lounges.

Complimentary Access Isn’t “Free” Access

Last year, Caesars Entertainment changed which of their best customers are allowed into the Laurel Lounges in Las Vegas and across the US. The lounges were once truly complimentary to all Diamond tier members of Total Rewards and Caesars Rewards. That’s no longer the case.
Complimentary access to Laurel Lounges is only available to Caesars Rewards Diamond and Seven Stars members who earn at least 25,000 Tier Credits.
Diamond Caesars Rewards members earning less than 25,000 Tier Credits have to use Reward Credits to obtain access. Today the lower level Diamond Caesars Rewards members must use 1,000 Reward Credits (that’s $10 in comp dollars) for entry to a Laurel Lounge. An additional guest is another 1,000 Tier Credits from the Diamond card holder.

Las Vegas Laurel Lounges

Not all Caesars Entertainment casino-resorts in Las Vegas have a Laurel Lounge. Here are the properties in Las Vegas that have a Laurel Lounge for guests and visitors:

  • Caesars Palace
  • Flamingo
  • Harrah’s
  • Paris Las Vegas
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Rio

Laurel Lounges might be open fewer hours than you remember if you haven’t visited a lounge in Las Vegas recently. Las Vegas Laurel Lounges are open from:

  • Sunday – Thursday 4 pm – 9 pm
  • Friday – Saturday 12 pm – 9pm

The lounges are often most busy around 5 pm or 6 pm depending on when the lounge brings out the hot snacks like chicken wings.
My favorite Laurel Lounge in Las Vegas is surprisingly at a mid-tier casino. The Harrah’s Laurel Lounge is very large with a bar, hot food that can suffice as a meal, and a fantastic staff. Since this isn’t a very busy property there’s often space to grab a table. The bar is usually packed because of the great bartenders.
Caesars Palace is probably my second favorite followed by Paris Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood. Flamingo and Rio are fine but those aren’t properties I typically enjoy visiting.

Laurel Lounges Still Offer Value

Essentially, entry to the Laurel Lounges in Las Vegas will cost $10 in comp dollars per person for Diamond members with fewer than 25,000 Tier Credits. Despite the fee, there’s still value in Laurel Lounges – especially in Las Vegas.
A domestic beer or well drink at casino bars inside these Las Vegas casino-resorts will cost between $6 and $8. Some of the Laurel Lounges offer premier spirits which would cost even more in the casino. If you’re the kind of person that will enjoy two or more drinks plus snacks, the $10 in Reward Credits still makes the lounges a good deal for members with fewer than 25,000 Tier Credits.
There’s still value in Laurel Lounges even if you’re not a drinker. Enjoy a cup or two of coffee and a couple of sweet snacks (they’re small) and you’ve probably reached $10 in Reward Credits at the coffee shops downstairs.
If you’re in Las Vegas for work, the relatively quiet lounges make a great room to get some work done on a laptop while enjoying coffee, soda, or booze.


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