The spread of coronavirus across the US might be slowing in some areas but not everywhere. Las Vegas is being affected by the virus in a variety of ways. It’s definitely not good but Las Vegas is still Las Vegas. It’s just toned down a little.
MGM Resorts recently announced that it was canceling live entertainment through August. Looking forward to 2021, the in-person segment of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been canceled for 2021. CES will all take place online as a “virtual conference.”
These cancellations aren’t good for Las Vegas as a whole but it might not be so bad for anyone interested in taking a trip to Las Vegas. We’ll let someone else dissect the big picture problem of coronavirus in Las Vegas. Today, we’ll look for some bright spots in the dark days. Believe it or not, you can find good things in bad situations.

No Conferences Mean Cheaper Midweek Hotel Rooms

Las Vegas casino operators have been focused on finding new customers who are visiting for business travel. MGM Resorts has even gone so far as to expand or build convention centers and meeting rooms at Aria, MGM Grand, Park MGM, and more. The reason for this is that these guests spend more money on rooms, drinks, meals, and entertainment. Having an expense account is a great thing when you’re in Las Vegas.
The week of CES in Las Vegas is often one of the most expensive to be in Las Vegas. Technology companies, retail buyers, and media all descend on Las Vegas to see the newest electronic gadgets. Almost every hotel room in Las Vegas is booked during CES and rates are through the roof. This is just one of the many conferences and meetings held in Las Vegas every year that drive up midweek room rates.
Conventions in Las Vegas and around the world are going virtual so these visitors won’t be visiting Sin City for work. That’s certainly bad news for the casinos and the workers who make great money on tips during conferences. However, this can be good news for anyone looking for a getaway in Las Vegas.
Lower demand for hotel rooms usually means lower prices for the customer. Additionally, the lack of conferences during the week (Sunday through Thursday) means that it should be easy to reserve a table at a restaurant that might normally be booked months in advance.
Pro tip: Make reservations for any meal possible when you visit. Some restaurants require reservations. Other restaurants will fill up since they’re only operating at 50% capacity.

Fewer Shows And Events Mean Cheaper Weekend Rooms

It seems like the majority of people still visiting Las Vegas for a getaway or vacation are doing so on the weekend. While it might look busy, that’s because the casinos and restaurants are only operating at half capacity. Weekend hotel room rates in Las Vegas right now are more expensive than midweek since there are more people in town. Still, room rates are down from last year at most casinos.
The biggest shows, concerts, and residencies are usually reserved for the weekends. These events increase the demand for hotel rooms in Las Vegas. Getting less expensive rooms on weekends isn’t quite as simple as midweek rates since that’s when most people are visiting Las Vegas.
There will be a window of lower weekend room rates from the day when the Governor allows more people to occupy space in casinos and when shows, concerts, and residencies can fill the venues. There will be more people in Las Vegas but it will still take time for large crowds to return to Sin City. Additionally, concerts and residencies will need time to prepare for live shows again.
Keep an eye on weekends without large events to save money on hotel rooms.

Enjoy The Room While You Can

Las Vegas won’t be back to “normal” for a while but that’s not entirely a bad thing. Before moving to Las Vegas I used to plan my trips around less busy weeks and weekends. I like being able to eat, drink, and gamble without strangers cramping my style.
In other words, I hate crowds. Half capacity was made for someone like me. Look at the limited capacity in casinos and restaurants along with the decreased entertainment options as a way to take over Las Vegas and enjoy it to the fullest. There’s little downside to being at a bar, restaurant, and casino with extra room for you and your closest friends.
Today we’re looking to make the best out of a bad situation. Frankly, I’m stoked right now and thinking about the next time I head out for a little fun.
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