We might be a little too excited by new technology in Las Vegas. After all, mobile check-in and mobile concierge services are efficient and offer a way to enjoy more of Las Vegas without spending time in line or in the room making calls. Controlling all in-room tech from a tablet is great too. These are useful but not flashy.
Do you know what’s flashy? Robots!
I just about lost my mind when first hearing about the Robot Restaurant in Japan. The thought of a Robot Restaurant in Las Vegas is still on my mind. We’ll get there eventually. Robots are still just infiltrating Las Vegas. Tipsy Robot at Planet Hollywood was just the beginning. The robot arms are a fun show when making cocktails but they don’t leave the bar. Well, Vdara is taking robot fun to the next level in Las Vegas.

Vdara Hotel at City Center (home to Aria) recently welcomed new additions to their team with two robots named Fetch and Jett. These two Relay robots are responsible for delivering snacks, sundries, and even spa products directly to guest suites. You can probably call them robot butlers or robot room service.
These bots work alongside their human colleagues to transport frequently forgotten and requested amenities including shaving and dental kits as well from the Market Café. More importantly, they will also deliver coffee, food and other drinks from the cafe.
Unlike traditional room service that could take an hour the robots move quickly! According to Vdara, a typical order will take less than five minutes to complete. That’s important for those of us that can’t start the day without a hot cup of coffee.
Fetch and Jett will call a guest’s room when they arrive and once the door opens, their lids will automatically unlock for guests to retrieve their snacks and travel kits. After removing their items, Fetch and Jett will ask the guest for feedback on their service before traveling back to their docking stations. Easy enough.
“Fetch and Jett are a fun and convenient addition to our team at Vdara. Guests enjoy the novelty of having their morning coffee and other items delivered by a robot, which frees up time for the rest of our staff to focus their energy on requests that require a higher level of service,” said Vdara General Manager Mary Giuliano. “We’re committed to creating special experiences for each guest, and I’m certain this will be a memorable one.”
The robots are a fun and useful addition to this all-suite hotel. Not everyone wants to stay at a hotel without a casino in Las Vegas but the price, quality of rooms and proximity to the casino at Aria make Vdara a serious contender for someone looking for a different Vegas Strip hotel experience. Additionally, Vdara is smoke-free and has a holistic spa and luxurious pool. We might be preferential to the robots but the value at Vdara might be more important for your next visit to Las Vegas


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