Uber is all the rage in Las Vegas now that they can pick up passengers anywhere in the Vegas Valley including McCarran Airport. The service is convenient, but the recent 30% recent price drop may make using Uber a no-brainer on your next visit to Las Vegas.


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After a great experience using Uber I was curious to see how its rates compared to the competition. I was surprised by what I found!


The internet is a wonderful thing and it made comparing current rideshare and taxi rates. Below is a comparison between Uber, Lyft and taxis on the least expensive rates available for four (4) potential trips in Las Vegas.


Route 1. Airport to center Vegas Strip

McCarran Airport to Caesars Palace

Uber – $15-19

Lyft – $16.37

Taxi – $25.65


Route 2. Airport to downtown Las Vegas

McCarran Airport to Plaza Hotel and Casino

Uber – $20-26

Lyft – $33

Taxi – $37.52


Route 3. South Vegas Strip to downtown Las Vegas

MGM Grand to Golden Nugget

Uber – $16-21

Lyft – $22

Taxi – $31.95


Route 4. Downtown Las Vegas to Summerlin

Golden Nugget to Red Rock Resort

Uber – $15-20

Lyft – $36

Taxi – $53.68


Each potential trip had Uber with easily the least expensive transportation option with their UberX rates (more expensive cars, minivans may be available). The standard rate from Lyft is sometimes comparable to Uber but usually more expensive. Base taxi rates are by far the most expensive transportation option in Las Vegas. Taxi rates don’t include a $3 surcharge for using a credit or debit card, tip or potential long haul where you’re driven out of the way so the driver can charge more for the trip.


These routes were selected arbitrarily just to compare the different ride options. The fare calculators found online are here to use if there’s a specific fare that you’d like to see you.


Traveling around Las Vegas can get costly if you’re in town for more than a couple of days. It may be worth the experiment to save money by downloading the rideshare apps and trying a new mode of transportation. User experiences may be different, but the first couple of rides with Uber were nothing short of perfect. I wish they were after the price cut because they would have been a little more economical.


These Uber rates may not last forever. If you’re concerned about a specific rate you should double check before you leave for Las Vegas.




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