One of the best attractions to come to Las Vegas in the past few years just opened. The flagship location for Topgolf just opened its doors, bars and golf bays at MGM Grand. Don’t assume this Topgolf only for golfers and sports fans just because it has “golf” is in the name. This is more than just a place to visit to hit golf balls.

Describing Topgolf has to begin with the golf games, which are a combination of golf, darts and bowling. Topgolf Las Vegas is so much more than a place just to play these games. The new flagship location for Topgolf is the largest in their chain. This location is four levels and 105,000 square feet with 108 climate-controlled hitting bays for the games, two pools, cabanas, a concert venue, VIP suites, five bars, a living room-type area with bar games, a sports book window, 300 televisions, additional massive viewing screens, a comfort food-inspired menu with signature cocktails, a Callaway Fitting Studio, a Topgolf retail shop, and more.

Speaking about the unique game and location Topgolf CEO Ken May said “Topgolf is thrilled to bring a whole new kind of entertainment to the Las Vegas Strip. There truly is no other place like Topgolf in Las Vegas — or anywhere else for that matter. Our flagship venue is the product of nearly four years of hard work and reimagining what the Topgolf experience could be like. We can’t wait to welcome our fans and new guests from all over the world to play at Topgolf.”

At its heart, Topgolf is about the golf games but you can visit this location and never play the golf games and never be bored. Entry to the facility is free and you can just enjoy the non-golf amenities. One of the more fun options is to slide up to bars on the 2nd and 3rd level if you want to play video poker in an indoor/outdoor environment. In addition to video poker, the Birdie Bar on the 2nd level has a small stage perfect for acoustic performances, stand-up comedy and more.

The Yard, also on the 2nd level, serves as the main hub of Topgolf Las Vegas. You can place a bet while watching the game on one of the venue’s numerous oversized screens here. The Yard also will also be Topgolf’s main entertainment venue showcasing both national and local acts.

Each level at Topgolf offers a different experience. The first two levels are open to all ages but you’ll have to be 21 and above to play the games or just hang out on the 3rd or 4th level. There really is something for everyone at Topgolf. You’ll likely never see a kid after you check in for your game if you don’t want to.

While prices to do anything on the Vegas Strip seem to be exploding, Topgolf is relatively affordable. Food and drink are the average prices for being located on the Vegas Strip but prices to play the game are much more affordable than you’d think.

Bay pricing starts at $30 per hour for up to six players and varies depending on bay location and time of day. The highest price per bay for 6 people should be around $90 per hour. When you break it down by 6, each person in the group will pay $5-$15 per hour. Translating this into Vegas dollars, that’s somewhere between an inexpensive beer and a hand of blackjack to play the game each hour. The base prices aren’t out of line but it’s easy to lose track of time and rack up a hefty bill when you’re having this much fun.

There’s nothing like Topgolf anywhere Las Vegas. Early reviews from sports fans (like me) and non-sports fans (like Scott from Vital Vegas) make Topgolf Las Vegas at MGM Grand a “must see” the next time you visit Las Vegas. You can check out Scott’s video of the facility here: Topgolf Las Vegas Fly-Through


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