Caesars Palace is one of the most popular casino names in the world. Today Caesars Palace spans 85-acres in the center of the Vegas Strip. The massive casino-resort-mall mega-complex now has a total of 3,980 rooms, including more than 300 suites, throughout five hotel towers. This doesn’t even include the Nobu Hotel inside of Caesars Palace. However, the property started as a simple casino with a single hotel tower and grew from there.

Caesars Palace Hotel

The 22 story Forum Tower was the first new tower in 1979. Caesars Palace really started to grow in the mid-1990s when the 1,181 room Palace Tower was built. Here’s a time-lapse video of that construction that ended in 1997 when the new tower complete with luxury villas first opened.

When you include the boutique Nobu Hotel, Caesars Palace how has a total of six hotel towers.

  • Julius Tower (formerly the original Roman Tower) – 587 hotel rooms and suites. This tower was renovated at the end of 2015
  • Palace Tower – 1,181 rooms and suites including 10 luxurious villas on the 29th floor. This tower was renovated in 2017
  • Augustus Tower (my favorite) – 952 rooms and suites including three luxury villas. This tower opened in 2005 and was renovated in 2016
  • Octavius Tower – 668 rooms and suites including six luxury villas and opened in 2012
  • Forum Tower – 452 rooms and suites including two villas. This tower was renamed from Olympic Tower in 1997 and renovated in 2009
  • Nobu Hotel (formerly Centurion Tower) – 182 rooms including 18 suites and one villa. The separate hotel within Caesars Palace opened in 2013

Caesars Palace is a massive property that can be difficult to navigate when visiting for the first time. The layout of the property is sort of a hodge-podge of expansions through the years. While the design of the property might have been better if everything was built at the same time Caesars Palace is a remarkable property.

Caesars Palace Garden of the Gods Pool Complex

People visit Caesars Palace for many reasons. The Garden of the Gods pool area is near the top of the list for many returning guests. The pool area spans five acres and offers seven swimming pools.
The Garden of the Gods Pool at Caesars Palace offers guests a variety of engaging daytime experiences in an incomparable setting. The Garden of the Gods pool is on three levels and situated just outside of the Palace Tower.
(Make note of the Palace Tower location. Guests have to walk through the casino to access the pools. The walk to the pool area could take a few minutes depending on the tower.)
The Garden of the Gods Pool has classically inspired landscaping, statues, and fountains. This design provides the old school environment that also has a modern twist.
The Garden of the Gods has a pool area for every mood. The pool options range from a pool that offers a bar, DJ, and swim-up blackjack to mellow pools for those who want to enjoy the sun and a relaxing poolside massage.

Caesars Palace Forum Shops

Caesars Palace is chock full of dining and entertainment options. However, one of its not-so-secret gems is The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace.
The mall was originally 283,000 square feet and built as an extension of the main hotel and casino in 1992. In 1997 the mall was expanded by adding 35 new shops and two new restaurants. The most recent expansion of The Forum Shops in 2004 added 60 new specialty stores and restaurants. Today there are about 160 retail and dining outlets at The Forum Shops.
The large number and variety of retailers are useful for those who enjoy that activity when visiting Las Vegas. However, that’s not the highlight for me. The Forum Shops has a host of good restaurants. Many of those dining establishments have great Happy Hour deals for inexpensive drinks and snacks.
Even more important than having a centrally located Apple store on the Vegas Strip is that The Forum Shops are a great place to get away from the casino. The large mall offers an escape from the rest of this massive casino-resort. While it’s often busy, it’s a nice air-conditioned change of pace that many gamblers can use.
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