The Vegas Strip March is a tradition that seems to have been around for my entire life. The first Vegas Strip March I first heard about was simply walking from one end of the Vegas Strip to the other while making pit stops at every casino to have a drink. Sometimes the march was one way and sometimes it was a loop to and from the hotel people were staying.
The Vegas Strip March has evolved over the years. Instead of just getting drunk people are choosing to gamble, take pics for the gram, buy a collectible at every stop, and more. Last summer my Vegas Strip March was modified to a smaller Caesars Diamond Lounge (errr…Laurel Lounge) tour. A friend and I stopped at every Caesars Laurel Lounge for a drink and some air conditioning. It was a fun excuse to visit different casinos.
A Vegas Strip March is really just a fun way to explore different properties along the four-mile stretch of Las Vegas. When casinos reopen on June 4, there will be a new Vegas Strip with plenty of holes. Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts won’t be opening all of their respective casinos at once.
Caesars is only opening Caesars Palace and Flamingo. MGM Resorts is only opening Bellagio, MGM Grand, and New York-New York. This means that casinos on both the east and west side of the Vegas Strip closed.
When making a Strip March you can do a loop from home base and back or keep crossing the street to knock off every casino that’s open in the order you walk by. I recommend drinkers stick to one side of the Vegas Strip (east or west) and take a car back to home base or wherever you’d like to hang out after drinking and walking for hours.
With that in mind, I’ll break down the new Strip March to the east side (Flamingo) and west side (Bellagio). This should make planning a Strip March a little easier.
East Side Vegas Strip
MGM Grand  
(The Linq promenade)  
The Venetian  
The Palazzo  
West Side Vegas Strip
New York-New York  
Caesars Palace  
Treasure Island  
Circus Circus  
The Strat  

Downtown Casino March

There’s a big sense of accomplishment walking four or more miles on the Vegas Strip. The same can’t be said for a downtown Las Vegas casino march. The main strip of casinos around the Fremont Street Experience is a relatively short walk of one mile that’s broken up every minute or so for a pit stop. For comparison, the walk from MGM Grand to Flamingo is more than one mile.
The shorter walk to the downtown Las Vegas casinos makes it easier to visit each property. The walk around downtown Las Vegas casinos isn’t nearly as taxing as the Vegas Strip.
It appears as though almost all of the downtown Las Vegas casinos will reopen on June 4. Here are two routes you can take if like to do a downtown Las Vegas casino march. The first route will stay on Fremont Street and the other will include the casinos just north of Fremont Street.
Fremont Street Route
Golden Gate  
Golden Nugget  
Four Queens  
The D  
El Cortez  
All Downtown Las Vegas Casino Route
Golden Gate  
The California  
Golden Nugget  
Four Queens  
Downtown Grand  
The D  
El Cortez  
Sometimes we all need an excuse to leave our comfort zone. Marching in and out of the casinos in an area is a fun way to explore Las Vegas.


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