Free drinks in Las Vegas are kind of a tradition. Most people know that the casinos offer complimentary drinks when you are gambling. The drinks entice you to stay at the tables and machines or they inhibit your good decision making or both. Either way the casino has a motivation to keep feeding you drinks.


Let’s turn the tables on the casinos and bars in Las Vegas and make these complimentary drinks more valuable than ever. Generally when you order a drink in the casino you’ll receive a low priced well drink or one of the less expensive beer. You can ask for better quality spirits or beer but you may not be able to get them in most casinos. Casinos generally only serve a  few specific brands of spirits or beer to gamblers on the casino floor.


If you’re just looking for a complimentary drink you can head to a casino bar and play video poker or other games they may have on the machines. Most bars will serve you the same well drinks you get on the casino floor. However, more and more bars are offering premium drinks to gamblers. Let’s take a look at a few.


Chandelier Bar (Cosmopolitan) – This is one of the most beautiful bars on the Vegas Strip. They recently added video poker to their bar and like most bars in Las Vegas offer complimentary drinks at the bar while you’re playing. Instead of getting a complimentary $5 bottom shelf well drink you can get a top shelf spirit at Chandelier Bar that would normally cost you $10 to $15. Cosmopolitan is great for drinking premium spirits while you gamble as they offer similar drinks at Bond Bar and Book & Stage.


Complimentary drinks while you gamble aren’t “free” because you have money at risk so you might as well get the most for your money.


Tag Sports Bar (The Quad – The Linq Hotel) – Drop a few bucks into the bar top machine and have access to over 300 beers from across America and around the world. You won’t find many of these beers at other bars on the Vegas Strip when you’re playing video poker or other games. At Tag Sports Bar you’re drinking complimentary $8-$15 beers instead of your typical $5-$6 beer. This is a great way to learn about craft beer. You can try different styles and locations to fit your tastes. I’m a fan beers from Belgium and on a mission to try all that they have. These beers are often very expensive to pay for individually and I’ve learned which are better than others after a few visits. I’ve even walked away from the machines with a few bucks!


There are even bars where you can sit, gamble, enjoy premium complimentary drinks and enjoy free performances.


Bourbon Room (The Venetian) – The Bourbon Room serves as the “Rock Of Ages” show bar in addition to being a bar where you can play bar top games and enjoy premium drinks. You obviously have a nice selection of bourbon but you will also be served any top shelf liquor you ask for when you’re playing one of the machines. You’ll often hear 80’s Heavy Metal over the speakers when you’re at this bar (If you’re not okay with this head to a different bar). In the evenings you’ll be treated to dancers and an emcee on the center stage. Take a break and enjoy the Heavy Metal thunder while you enjoy a top shelf drink.


If you’re going to spend money in a casino you might as well get the most bang for the buck. I’m always looking for bars that will reward me with the best complimentary drinks. Even if video poker isn’t returning any money I can do the math on the retail value of these drinks and usually end up ahead of the game.


Brendon has been in the Las Vegas travel industry for the past 15 years. As a frequent traveler to sin city he maintains a respect for Americas playground.
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