There are a lot of things that are unique to Las Vegas. Piano bars are one of those things that may exist in other cities but they live in Las Vegas. Piano bars are a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment. Often times, that entertainment can be fun and other times it’s serious. Piano bars isn’t entirely accurate since there are usually two pianos with dueling or multiple vocalists. The performers will often interact with the audience giving you a really fun, jovial, experience.

Piano bars may have seen brighter days but there are still a few places where you can get in on the fun. Here are some of the best piano bars in Las Vegas.

Harrah’s – You may remember the Piano bar at Harrah’s when I was telling you about the best karaoke bars in Las Vegas. In the early part of the evening the Piano Bar at Harrah’s doubles as home to some of the best karaoke that you’ll find in Las Vegas. After the sun goes you’ll see the Piano Bar overflowing with packed crowds. The Piano Bar consistently gets great reviews from real people (Trip Advisor, for example). The identical twins, Kim and Tamara Pinegar, are one of the main attractions but they aren’t the only piano hounds playing music at the Piano Bar at Harrah’s so you can really enjoy it any day or night.

The Bar at Times Square at New York-New York has the other very popular piano bar in Las Vegas. Every night from 8pm-12pm you’ll be able to enjoy dueling pianos here. There is always a cover charge for dueling pianos at The Bar. In fact, dueling pianos at The Bar is so popular they recommend making reservations for large parties. Besides video poker at the bar there are a few differences between dueling pianos at New York-New York and Harrah’s. There is a daily happy hour from 3-7 to get you primed for the dueling pianos, there are multiple TV’s to keep an eye on the games and locals get free entry.

If you’re on the other side of the Vegas Strip you head to Napoleon’s Piano Bar at Paris Las Vegas. Napoleon’s Piano Bar offers both solo and dueling pianos. When dueling pianos are active you’ll have a blast as the two pianists battle for your tip money. To be frank, Napoleon’s Piano Bar isn’t as popular as Harrah’s or New York-New York but it’s fun and it’s strip location makes it convenient for most tourists.

All of the piano fun isn’t kept inside of casinos. Don’t Tell Mama is a piano bar located in Downtown Vegas’ Fremont East area. Don’t Tell Mama is located in between the Fremont Street Experience and El Cortez. Unlike the piano bars on the Vegas Strip, Don’t Tell Mama is mostly a locals bar featuring local talent and because of the attraction to locals you’ll end up with a packed house. Check out the Yelp reviews to see why Don’t Tell Mama is popular. Entertainment begins every night at 7pm and everyone will recommend that you arrive early to get a seat.

Piano bars are a nostalgic look back at entertainment that took place in the 20’s and 30’s. Besides the vintage feel piano bars can offer some of the most fun and inexpensive entertainment that you’ll find in Las Vegas. Not all piano bars are created the same but all of them will offer the same result – fun.


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