It’s a strange time to visit Las Vegas. Frankly, the casinos in Sin City are still a shell of the great vacation destination that had more than 42 million people visit last year. Las Vegas is still great but with bars closed, clubs offering more mellow experiences, and shows dark there isn’t as much to enjoy. Not everyone visits Las Vegas just to eat, drink and gamble. That’s usually cool because there are plenty of ways to entertain oneself without doing those things all day and night.
As you may know, I relive so many great Vegas memories while listening to music. That’s not the only way to relive previous visits to Las Vegas. Recently, various cable channels have been airing reruns of the TV show “Las Vegas.”
While the show doesn’t remind me of specific events that happened to me, the show is still important for my fondness of Sin City. “Las Vegas” started airing around the same time I first started visiting the city. I was obsessed with the over-the-top dramedy. “Las Vegas” is both silly and unrealistic but it’s my kind of campy humor that takes place in a city I came to love…and finally live.
The resurrection of the show on TV has stirred up memories about that time in Las Vegas for me and friends around the same age. The thing is that this show isn’t always available for streaming right now. Finding the full series on DVD isn’t easy either.
It seems to sell out as soon as it hits Amazon. Music and this TV show help remind me of great times in Las Vegas. This isn’t the case for everyone. Good thing Amazon has a ton of fun Las Vegas souvenirs. Let’s take a look at some of the best Las Vegas souvenirs you can find on Amazon.
“Las Vegas” – The Complete Series
Prices for the collection are high for this because the series is so difficult to find.
Clue Lost in Vegas Board Game
This Clue Lost in Vegas game is new to me. Might as well put a Vegas twist on a classic board game.
Rather Be In Vegas T-Shirt
Obviously, we’d rather be back in the Vegas we know and love. Don’t let anyone forget that.
Las Vegas rain/snow globe
Spice up your designated workspace with this cute little Vegas souvenir
Lego Las Vegas Skyline
This is one of the most popular souvenirs from Las Vegas and sells out frequently. Bookmark this page if it’s sold out when you look. If you’re visiting Las Vegas you can now grab one at the Lego vending machine at the airport.
Vegas Golden Knights Blanket
Winter is coming. Wrap yourself up in the throw blanket…maybe do that while watching “Las Vegas” on DVD.
Fabulous Las Vegas Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzles have seen a resurgence in popularity this year with so many families staying home. If you’re going to do a puzzle together, it might as well be Las Vegas!
Light-Up Las Vegas Sign
This 13″ tall sign is good for a desk if you want to look at it. However, it’s also great to display on a bookshelf during another zoom call.
Shot Spinning Roulette Drinking Game
So many people love playing roulette in Las Vegas. Might as well make the game interesting if playing at home.


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