Vegas is all about excess, and when it comes to dinner, it’s hard to get more indulgent than a thick, juicy steak. Plenty of lists will guide you to the better steakhouses, but this list goes one better: guiding you to the best steak at the best steakhouse. While you can always order your favorite cut, read on to find out which specific steak specialties qualify as the ones not to miss.

5. Dry-Aged Roasted Porterhouse at Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak Restaurant

Tom Colicchio has gone on record as saying that grilling is the worst way to cook a steak. “Those grill marks you get?” he says. “That’s burnt.” While you may still enjoy a steak from the grill, you owe it to yourself to try a steak the way Colicchio prefers: roasted. The 32 oz. porterhouse is roasted until it’s a beautiful crusty brown, without a grill-mark in sight. Many of the sides at Craftsteak are simple, allowing you to really focus on the steak, such as Baby Spinach with Garlic Oil. For dessert, fresh fruit selections are unadorned, but exotic: finger limes, tiger figs, passionfruit. If you’d rather go all-out, though, there are plenty of dishes with potatoes and cream, plus a Lobster Bisque that’s world-class.

4. Nebraska Rib Eye at Wolfgang Puck’s CUT

Wolfgang Puck trained in France, so the menu at CUT reflects gourmet skill and elegance: Whole Roasted Loup de Mer, Rotisserie Poussin with Chanterelles and Thyme, Potato Tarte Tatin. Don’t forget, though, that Puck’s father was a butcher. He’s no slouch when it comes to meat. Puck’s eye for excellence shines through when it comes to his restaurant’s Nebraska Rib Eye, corn fed, dry aged, and pure Americana. The 35-day aged steak is grilled over hard wood and charcoal, then finished under a 1200 degree broiler. You won’t find a steak so true to the cowboy ethos in a more refined setting, making it a perfect place to take a date when you want some real food just as much as you want atmosphere.

3. Riserva Rib Eye at Carnevino

There’s only one place in the country you can get steaks dry-aged for 6-8 months. Mario Batali’s Riserva Rib Eyes go far beyond regular USDA standards for marbling and flavor, and are the longest dry-aged steaks in the States. The beef is rubbed in a savory mixture of sea salt, fresh black pepper and rosemary to achieve an aromatic, slightly-charred crust. The effect of all that aging results in something out of this world, with a texture and taste like none other, soft as butter, with a truffle-like flavor. The Riserva Rib Eye is so special, you’ll have to call ahead for it, but if you want to drop by on the fly, you can still try a 60-day Rib Eye–still aged far longer than most other steakhouses.

2. Peppercorn New York Strip at Prime

The lovely chocolate brown and Tiffany blue decor might momentarily distract you, but don’t be fooled: the real beauty at Prime is in the steak. The New York Strip is the one to try, encrusted with six different types of peppercorns. You won’t feel like you need a sauce –the steak speaks for itself–but you’d be a fool to miss the rich Béarnaise sauce here. (Try the tangy Miso-Mustard Sauce if you like a little more bite.) Prime is also known for its dazzling wine list, so you’ll be able to pair your dinner perfectly with a glass of something scintillating. If you’re dining on a special occasion, be sure to request a fountain view. It won’t make your steak any better (it couldn’t possibly be), but it can make an already-special occasion even more unique.

1. Beef Wellington at Gordon Ramsay Steak

You might think it’s cheating a little to include Beef Wellington on a list of best steaks, as it’s a dish more than a simple cut of meat. Don’t forget that within the golden puff pastry and the savory coating of duxelles and pâté lies a juicy, perfectly-cooked, filet steak. Beef Wellington is Chef Ramsay’s signature dish, so you’re guaranteed to get a fine cut of meat cooked with the utmost care. The dish’s reputation is not just a rumor. Served with glazed root vegetables, potato purée, and red wine demi-glace, the dinner will make you plenty full, but save room for another British classic if you can: Sticky Toffee Pudding.


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