Las Vegas is constantly evolving. Restaurants, bars, shows, hotel rooms and other amenities inside casino-resorts are constantly changing. The main objective is for the properties to keep up with current customer demand. Sometimes the casino operators are looking to offer products and services for the future that we might not be ready for.
The Cromwell opened a few years ago in the building that used to be Bill’s Gambling Hall and Barbary Coast with new technology. Guests had, and still have, the option to use an app for their room key. Over the years many have stuck with the conventional credit card sized keys. Perhaps the introduction of the keyless room locks was too early despite its convenience. However, they might be catching on. More on that shortly.

More recently in Las Vegas, various new games have hit casino floors. The first wave of skill-based casino games are typically just taking up space in casinos. At least that’s what I observed visiting multiple casinos over July 4th weekend. These games may be paving the way for a new wave of casino games that players don’t seem to be interested in just yet. Sometimes the first product to enter the market isn’t the best.
There is always plenty of new technology all around Las Vegas that is helping guests have a better experience. I remember the feeling of luxury when I first controlled the window coverings with a remote control at The Venetian. Small touches like this can make an average experience feel glamourous. That’s what Las Vegas is all about.
Expedited Check-In
Nobody likes wasting time standing in lines in a hotel lobby waiting to check into a hotel room. That’s probably the last thing anyone wants to do when first reaching Las Vegas. Caesars Entertainment has been trying to expedite long check-in lines since 2015 with mobile check-in and check-in via kiosk. Visitors to Las Vegas have enjoyed both options.
In the past year, MGM Resorts has started to offer both mobile and kiosk check-in for guests. They’ve also started to offer the keyless room locks at some of their resorts that we first saw at The Cromwell. Maybe the keyless entry was just a little ahead of its time.
Aria Hotel Rooms Are Chock Full Of Tech
Since opening in 2009, Aria has offered some of the most technologically advanced hotel rooms in Las Vegas. Today, you can customize and control lighting, temperature, curtains, TV, and more in your hotel room from a tablet. The settings even allow you to save the information for future visits.
Free Wifi Is Everywhere
It may seem like a small innovation but just about every casino on the Vegas Strip offers free wifi to visitors. It wasn’t so easy to find free wifi in a casino just a couple of years ago. I feel like I’m one of the last people in the world with a small mobile data plan so the free wifi comes in very handy since I work and play in casinos a few times a week.
Technological Advancements Aren’t Only On The Vegas Strip
Many new bars are offering USB slots to charge mobile phones and devices. You’ll actually find that technology in the gaming tables at the Four Queens and Binion’s in downtown Las Vegas. You can’t use your phone while they rest on your lap but being able to keep a phone charged during a 6 hour Pai Gow Poker session is nice.
Say Hello To Tipsy Robot
The newest bar to open on the Vegas Strip is more than just a traditional bar. Tipsy Robot features a robot bartender. Don’t worry, this isn’t the beginning of a robot uprising. Tipsy Robot uses two robot arms to make drinks and cocktails. Take a look.

Looking Forward
MGM Resorts is touting a very aggressive plan to embrace technology in their hotel rooms moving forward. Here’s a look at a few different items to look for:

  • Robots: They will soon offer a robot butler as well as laundry service by a robot.
  • Smart Mirrors: The mirror will display email, news, and weather while it can be used to adjust lighting in the bathroom for a better #selfie.
  • RFID Connectivity: This will react to movement. Some features include turning on lights when walking in the dark or alerting housekeeping when your room service card is moved outside.

This is really only a sample of how technology is improving visits to Las Vegas. There are countless ways that technology has changed Sin City.


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