The next big sporting event that should happen in the US is the 2021 Super Bowl. The Big Game is currently scheduled for Feb. 7, 2021. The NFL is trying to keep on schedule but nobody knows if that will remain intact.
For years, many visitors have come to Las Vegas sportsbooks to watch and wager on the Big Game. Obviously, the scene in Las Vegas for the 2021 Super Bowl will be different than ever thanks to the continued spread of coronavirus.
Having said that, football fans and bettors are still spending time in Las Vegas sportsbooks every Saturday and Sunday watching football. Casinos have socially distanced seating and are abiding by safety protocols handed to them by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.
In the past, watching the Super Bowl in Las Vegas was a little different than just watching games in a sportsbook. The demand to watch The Big Game is typically high and there’s a lack of seating in the sportsbooks to handle all of the guests.
Casinos, bars, and restaurants in Las Vegas traditionally throw Super Bowl parties to offer a place to watch the game with reserved seating and access to food and drink. There will likely be fewer party options for the 2021 Super Bowl in Las Vegas.
Sportsbooks will be open and will likely be busy for The Big Game. Even though visitation is down today, there are still plenty of visitors making coming to Las Vegas. Nearly 2 million people visited Las Vegas in October.
Two million people may be less than usual but that’s still a lot of people. Visitors are still planning to watch the 2021 Super Bowl in Las Vegas.
Sportsbooks traditionally offer free seating for anyone who visits. During busy days – like the Super Bowl – casinos have been charging to reserve a seat in the sportsbook in recent years. With fewer seats available in sportsbooks, reserving a seat to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas might be more useful than ever.
Not only are we going to look at some of the best Las Vegas sportsbooks but these all offer a solution to reserve a seat for big games. We’ll even throw in a bonus venue for those who’s like to watch the Super Bowl outdoors.

Sportsbooks with Reserved Seating for the Super Bowl

These sportsbooks have one thing in common. They’re all huge with plenty of room. The video screens are some of the best in Las Vegas sportsbooks. It should be noted that most off-strip casinos offer free seating to anyone.
You’ll need to arrive a couple of hours before the Super Bowl kicks off. Etiquette says you should not leave your seat. An empty seat is a free seat for someone – even if you just run to the restroom or bar for a drink.
This is why so many like to reserve a seat somewhere for busy days in the sportsbook. Here are four (actually five) great options to reserve a seat to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

Circa (also Stadium Swim)

Circa Resort & Casino in downtown Las Vegas just opened and its sportsbook is the talk of the town. This is considered the “World’s Largest Sportsbook” in part because of its massive three-story tall video wall that has 78 million pixels. The space has seating for 1,000 people (less for social distancing). There are different kinds of seats including theater-style chairs. There are also recliners and booths that can be reserved for groups.
The clarity of the Circa sportsbook screen combined with different types of seats makes this one of the best places to watch the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. If you’d rather watch the game outdoors, you can head up to the Stadium Swim rooftop pool deck. The 143-foot screen is impressive. Guests can reserve general admission tickets or step up to a cabana for a group.

Caesars Palace

Caesars is one of the most popular casino brands in the world. The company offers reserved seating at most of its sportsbooks. Caesars Palace is the most popular casino for the company and it’s also the largest. Caesars even places seats behind the bar for big games like the Super Bowl. While sitting farther away from the action might not be optimal there are a variety of seats to reserve.
Caesars has reserved seating available for most of its Las Vegas sportsbooks. Caesars Palace just happens to be the largest and most popular.

Westgate SuperBook

The Westgate SuperBook rivals Circa for the “World’s Largest Sportsbook” title. While the Circa sportsbook is tall, The SuperBook is wide. The 220-by-18-foot 4K video wall is as impressive as you’ll find in Las Vegas. The picture quality is great and with no other games happening, this will be one of the largest screens in Las Vegas showing the Super Bowl.
The Off-Strip location of the Westgate keeps prices down for the entire property. Reserving a booth here might be more economical than anywhere else in Las Vegas. One word of caution – there are a limited number of reserved seats, so act sooner than later.
Lastly, the Westgate SuperBook is very popular for regular events and even more so for The Big Game. The sportsbook offers more prop bets for the Super Bowl than any other in Las Vegas. The line to place wagers can be an hour or more on Super Bowl Sunday. Consider yourself warned. Pro Tip: Fund a mobile betting app before the game so you don’t have to wait to bet.

The Mirage

The Mirage has one of the best sportsbooks on the Vegas Strip. It’s definitely my favorite sportsbook on the Vegas Strip due to its size, proximity to food, and the ability to reserve seats. The Mirage has plenty of open seats but large parties can reserve couches. Individuals may choose to reserve bleacher-type seats.
The large video wall is easy to see from any place inside The Mirage sportsbook. The environment to watch the games is great. The sportsbook is somewhat closed but open to the casino floor so onlookers can venture into the sportsbook to enjoy the action.


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