Las Vegas is a special place for many people. There are so many great memories made in Vegas that it’s almost like a gift that keeps on giving. There are so many things that trigger these great Vegas memories.

Music is my trigger. I can hear certain songs and remember exactly where I heard it in Las Vegas. Ludacris, Paramore, Missy Elliott, Britney Spears, and even the Beebz rekindle oddly specific Las Vegas memories.

Music alone is enough to induce enough Vegas memories to give me goose bumps. I actually have them right now writing this article. Not everyone has the same ties to music. However, everyone loves to rekindle their best Vegas memories.

Thankfully the Amazon marketplace gives us access to a lot of Las Vegas merchandise. Not everyone wants to remember exactly where they were when they heard “Get Your Freak On” and how they got there. Just a simple reminder of Las Vegas will usually suffice. Here are some very random souvenirs that are a fun way to remember Las Vegas.

Vegas Tree Ornament
Las Vegas Christmas Tree Decorations
Nothing sets the mood to plan the next Las Vegas adventure like a reminder during the holiday season.

Dog Shirt Las Vegas Logo
Las Vegas Doggie Shirts
Is it even fair to dress a dog up like this? I want to meet a pup wearing Las Vegas gear!

Onesie with Las Vegas Logo
Las Vegas Onesie
Get ‘em started loving Las Vegas as much as you do while they’re young.

Baseball cover with Las Vegas Scenery
Las Vegas Baseball
Baseball fans like me love how random the art looks on this baseball.

Phone Wallet Las Vegas Covered
Las Vegas Mobile Phone Wallet
Let’s get practical for a second. We all need a wallet and need to protect a phone. Why not think about Las Vegas every time you get a message or a phone call.

Vegas Logo Shower Curtain
Las Vegas Shower Curtain
Tell me you’ve seen a more random Las Vegas souvenir. This is real and it’s fantastic.

Over Mit with Vegas Logo
Las Vegas Oven Mitt
File under: Things I never thought I needed but I definitely need now!

Spoon rest with las vegas logo
Las Vegas Spoon Rest
When I first saw this I thought it was something my mom might whoop me with. Now I know that it’s just a spoon rest and I think I’m in love.

Bobble Head Las Vegas Sign
Las Vegas Sign Bobblehead
Everyone can share a picture from the Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. How many can place that sign on their desk at work and make it bobble?

Find something else really cool? Post it in the comments below.


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