Las Vegas High End Booze and Cigar Lounges

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Las Vegas is great because you can have any experience you want. On one of my most memorable trips to Vegas my friends and I spent a morning drinking (too much) vodka and playing blackjack at Bellagio then hopping into a limo to the El Cortez for some .25 cent roulette. It was an epic day for the ages but what stands out was the ability to go from being a high roller to a low low roller within a few hours.

Even though I live in Las Vegas now and have access to learning about places I never would have found as a tourist I still enjoy going out and enjoying the finer things in life like I did as a tourist. For me that includes a great steak, a cigar and a really good drink. I shared my favorite steakhouses earlier this year and now I want to share great places where you can enjoy a great cigar and drink.

There are two great cigar lounges on the Vegas strip that offer different experiences. Casa Fuente is located in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and has a large selection of cigars in a massive humidor. While they offer fantastic sangria and mojitos they also have very limited edition Glenfiddich and other single malt whiskies which compliment a cigar very nicely. Every now and again Casa Fuente will hold tastings of limited edition high end spirits (like Glenfiddich) that go nicely with a cigar. Casa Fuente is so devoted to high end booze that they have a special spirits society that’s open for anyone to join. Casa Fuente really is the best of both worlds. Unfortunately due to complaints from visitors at the Forum Shops the smoking space has been cut in half. You now have to smoke by the bar. This isn’t such a bad deal because the cigars and drinks are great but it was nice to have the extra space to spread out.

Las Vegas may be known as the Entertainment Capital of the World, but someone should start a campaign to rename it the Food Capital of the World. Las Vegas’ bountiful buffets are one of the main attractions of the city for foodies and gourmands, and there are enough different ones that you could pick a different buffet each day of the year without repeating. With so many choices, how do you find the best?  Here your choices have been winnowed down to the top picks by category, so you can match the buffet to your personal food mood.

#1) The Best Gourmet Buffet in Las Vegas: Le Village

Not just the best gourmet buffet, but many locals’ pick for the best of Las Vegas, Le Village goes the extra mile by featuring real French cooking that would please even the biggest food snobs. Located in Paris Las Vegas, the buffet features food stations from five different provinces of France, and each area has a gorgeous facade designed to replicate the look and architecture of the region as well. You can eat inside if you like, or outside in a charming Parisian town square.

But decor aside, the food is to die for. Each dish is prepared as it is ordered, so you have much fresher food than you get at the heat lamp buffets. Some of the best dishes are from the region of Brittany: Coq au Vin and Roast Duck with Honey Lavender Glaze. Made-to-order crepes are lushly filled with fruits or savory topping. Even the bread is baked right on the spot! Does it even need to be mentioned that at a French restaurant the pastries are excellent?

Location and Prices: 3655 Las Vegas Blvd South (702) 946-7000 $25 -$40 (Lunch/Dinner)

This Week in Vegas | Wrap Up 6-14-2013

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Summer officially begins next week but for most people it started on Memorial Day weekend. The temperatures in Vegas have been hot but nothing we can’t handle. Even passengers stuck in an airplane for four hours couldn’t be bothered by the heat. Coping with an exhaustive situation they went a little stir crazy and decided to have a little sing-a-long before taking off. Thankfully everyone was safe when all was said and done. After being teased with temperatures in the 110’s Las Vegas has settled into a nice summer groove in the low hundreds. The dry heat is a real deal and it’s beautiful here day and night.

Speaking of being so hot you have to take your shirt off ladies in their 30’s and 40’s will enjoy the newest addition to the Chippendales lineup. Ian Ziering from the original “Beverly Hills 90210” just the famous male review at Rio. You can see plenty of beefcake and get details on when Ziering will be appearing with Chippendales at Rio on the Pulse of Vegas blog.

UNLV NBA Summer League

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I grew up in New York City and college sports was something I’d watch on TV but they weren’t real since none were from NYC. New York City is for the big dawgs. There are 2 NFL, 2 MLB, 2 NBA teams and 3 NHL teams. There is a lot of pro action happening all year around. Las Vegas is home to a lot of great things but sports isn’t one of them. Sure there’s the Las Vegas 51′s and UNLV Runnin’ Rebels but that’s not real, errr pro sports.

Thankfully I can satiate my cravings for professional and major college sports any time by heading to the sportsbook to watch and gamble on games. If I’m at a nicer sportsbook, like The Venetian or Red Rock, I can even drink for free while I play video poker and watch my sports bets unfold. Yes, I need stimulation from all angles. Seriously there’s nothing like it.

7 Fun Activities for Kids in Las Vegas

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It’s an indisputable fact: kids love excitement. You shouldn’t be surprised when the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas dazzles your children just as much as it does you. In fact, taking your family to the famous city can be like taking them on a whirlwind trip around the world. From the jungles of Africa to the canals of Venice, here are 7 fantastically fun things to do in Las Vegas with your children.

#1) Feel Like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory

M&M's World Exterior M&Ms World
3785 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
(702) 736-7611

Small children will be dazzled by a place that seems like a chocolate wonderland, with four whole floors of visual stimulation. Located at the Showcase Mall, parents can reward their kids for being patient during a shopping excursion by ending it with a visit to a candy oasis. A highlight is the Rainbow Wall, covered with M&Ms in every color you can conceive (and maybe more). On the third floor is a wildly eclectic collection of M&Ms memorabilia, and the gift shop has unusual themed gifts from toys to purses made out of candy wrappers. It’s a true gem for the very little ones, and to make the deal even more sweet: it’s free.

#2) Be Awed by Man’s Creation

Hoover Dam Express TourHoover Dam
Visitor’s Center: Hwy 93 at Lakeshore Rd.
(702) 293-8906

Even the most cynical of your older children will be humbled in the presence of 3.2 million cubic yards of concrete, one of the greatest triumphs of engineering in the world. Stop at the overlook site and see the view from 727 feet in the air. Make a day of it by taking a rafting trip in the Colorado River, where you can spy ancient petroglyphs in the rocks as you float by. Don’t forget to stop at the Alan Bible Visitor’s Center, where multimedia exhibits about the dam’s construction will also provide a learning experience.

This Week in Vegas – News and Updates

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We’re back baby! Said mother nature when she decided to drop high temps on Vegas a little early. Normal high temperatures in Vegas this week are in the mid to upper 90’s but this week we’ll be treated to highs in the 100-110 degree range. It’s kind of what makes Vegas great. A trick I used to do when walking from one of the strip to the other on hundred degree days was to walk through casinos to grab air conditioning. Sometimes I’d grab a drink other times I’d just enjoy the cooler air. Now that I live in Vegas I just drive during the day. Whatever the case, it really is important to stay hydrated. It helps with headaches, sun conditions and dry skin alike.

Hot weather means that it’s pool time. Vegas Chatter has compiled everything you need to know about just about every pool in Vegas in their “2013 Field Guide To The Vegas Pool Scene”. It not only a great guide on where to go but a great guide on pools to avoid.

There are a couple new ways to earn some bonus points before and when you visit Vegas. MGM Resorts announced partnerships with their players club, MLife, and Southwest Air and Hyatt this week. You can find all of MLife’s partners on their site. Any time real life can give us rewards to use in Vegas and vice-versa it’s a win-win.

Millions of tourists travel to Las Vegas, Nevada every year as visitors, but for some the trip is one way. In fact, the population of the city has grown at a constant rate since its founding. Between 1990 and 2000 alone, the size of Las Vegas more than doubled (US Census). What makes so many newcomers want to make Las Vegas their home each year? With a city as diverse as Vegas, it’s natural that there are a multitude of answers.

1) Jobs

In 2008, a year that spelled financial ruin for so many, Las Vegas was named the second best city for jobs in the US by Forbes magazine, with a 5-year annualized job growth rate of 5.1%. Many of those jobs are in the housing market, which stays strong in Vegas as a result of the continuous population growth. The city also makes its living in big money industries: gambling, conventions and tourism. For entrepreneurs in any of those fields, a move is almost guaranteed to bring in more income.

The job market is about much more than just tourism, though. The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation says that other job areas have also seen growth in the last year. Transportation and utilities jobs make up 17 percent of the market, construction and professional services follow at 12 percent, and retail, education and health-related jobs also have shown steady growth. And again as a result of continued population and tourism growth, the construction industry remains a major employer in Las Vegas.

Save with Dining Deals in Vegas

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One of the great things about Vegas is that there are special deals everywhere. This can come in handy when looking for places to eat. During happy hour, between 4pm and 6pm or so, you can find discounts at just about every bar and/or restaurant. Some specials are promoted and announced on respective websites and in the restaurant and/or casino and some aren’t.

The Palm Steakhouse inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace has one of the most famous happy hour specials on the Vegas strip. The Palm is the kind of steakhouse where you’ll traditionally drop $100 per person on dinner but during happy hour you can get small plates and appetizers for under $6 from 4:30 to 6:30. What makes this happy hour even better is that they also do a reverse happy hour from 9:30 until close.

Just beyond the neon-lit, non-stop hustle of the city of Las Vegas lie some of the most breathtaking natural wonders the country has to offer. In fact, treasures await in every direction. Going west you can find the centuries-old sands of Death Valley. Drive north and view the multicolored peaks and spires of Zion. Or, for the mother of all photo ops, head east toward the Grand Canyon. How can you possibly decide which direction to go? This list will help you choose your path by narrowing down the options to a cool six: the absolute best day trips outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

#1 The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon yellow sunrise Well worth the drive from Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon is an experience that will humble you. Ten miles wide and 277 miles long, it’s a view that makes you ponder your place in the universe like few other sights can. Depending on what time you arrive, you’ll have an entirely different scene: bright white rock in the afternoon, or shades of red and umber at sunset. You could spend a day here easily (or a whole weekend).

The Grand Canyon isn’t just a thing to see, it’s also a thing to do. Take a hike up the trail to the lovely Havasu Falls and cool off. Visit the Kolb Studio, built in 1904 by a pair of photography pioneering brothers, or spot the condors on the South Rim. You’ll have a tiring day that’s worth the exhaustion, as the memories will eclipse the rest of your trip.

Two Unique Off-Strip Hotels in Las Vegas

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It’s always fun to stay at a unique hotel. Las Vegas might have dozens of hotels with a lot of lights and gimmicks, but since there are so many hotels taking the same approach, they are not unique. A unique hotel is one that is different from other hotels in the area. In this case, two unique Vegas hotels will be covered. They are unique for completely different reasons.