Las Vegas News Wrap Up

Friday, 31 May 2013 by Blog Category: Weekly News.

With Memorial Day weekend there was a lot happening in Las Vegas and a lot of announcements made. Now that we’re in a shorter week it seems as if some of the public relations folks are taking a break. News and openings are relatively slow this week. That’s relative for Vegas because there is always something new on the horizon.

Earlier this year The Venetian closed tasty burger joint Rattlecan. Rattlecan was perfectly located near the sportsbook and was a quick bite to eat in or go. People that like burgers and betting on sports, like me, were upset. The Venetian announced that they will be replacing that Rattlecan with another burger joint. B & B Burger and Beer by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich adds another restaurant by the duo to The Venetian. This will be their 4th restaurant at The Venetian. If it ain’t broke, replicate it…over and over and over and over. No opening date has been set but it shouldn’t take long to clean up.

Using Social Media To Your Advantage For Vegas

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

Most games played on Facebook incorporate some form of social activity. You may build a farm and share it or throw a virtual sheep at a friend. MyVegas is the first social game available by one of the major casino companies. MyVegas has slot machine and blackjack games developed and operated by PlayStudios for MGM Resorts International for use on Facebook. This sounds like press release mumbo jumbo but the basics are important to know for the uninitiated. Basically, MyVegas is a handful of slot machine games where you can earn points to be used at a variety of MGM hotels in Vegas. Most people play the game for free with tokens offered for every day in the game but some people opt to pay for extra tokens.

While MyVegas is a game for MGM Resorts properties in Vegas they do not run the day-to-day operation of the game and MyVegas isn’t affiliated with MLife, MGM Resorts players club. Everything earned on the game is separate from the comps and points you earn when you gamble or spend money in MGM casinos and hotels. That’s the technical stuff.

This Weeks Las Vegas Wrap Up

Friday, 24 May 2013 by Blog Category: Weekly News.

There’s always a lot happening in Vegas but this week we had announcements that there will be two new hotels to stay at soon and one new casino to play in. The Hotel at Mandalay Bay is undergoing a transformation to be more of a boutique hotel within the Mandalay Bay complex. Delano Las Vegas will officially open in early 2014 but you may be able to squeeze in towards the end of the year. You can sign up for alerts on their website. If you’re not familiar with Delano you can get an idea from their South Beach hotel.

Mandalay Bay has undergone a lot of renovations in the past year. The Four Seasons has all new rooms and many of the restaurants have been refreshed. This weekend their new nightclub called Light opens along with its daytime companion Daylight. Light has entertainment and inspiration from Cirque. Pretty cool.

Fun Things To Do In and Around Reno

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

Everyone knows that Reno has casinos. There are lots of them, each with restaurants featuring low prices to lure the non-gamblers as well as the gamblers into their midst. What you may not know is what else there is to do in and around Reno.

If you are flying, Reno International Airport is small and easy to negotiate. Rental car kiosks are conveniently located near the luggage pickup and the rental cars are parked across the street. Car return is a breeze, just drive into the area you picked up your car and walk across the street to your airline check-in. There are often special airfares and package deals available on the Internet that can make your visit inexpensive and easy to arrange.

Fun Las Vegas Facts – Infographic

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 by Blog Category: Everything Vegas.

We had fun putting together this list. Admittedly we also learned some things. Feel free to share our Las Vegas Facts Infographic. All that we ask is you include a link back to this page and a mention. Enjoy!


East Coast Eating In Vegas Diners

Monday, 20 May 2013 by Blog Category: Food.

Diners played an important part in my life being from the east coast. Diners were a place to hang out with friends at the end of the night or get breakfast in the morning. A lot of memories happen in the diner. Diners are much less prevalent as you move west on the map. Even though there aren’t many of them diners still exist out west for a variety of reasons. Diners are traditionally inexpensive restaurants with large menus catering to any food craving you can have and they’re open all night. Even though there are hundreds of items on the traditional diner menu the staples are a good burger, decent breakfast and good easy to drink coffee. Most diners usually have one other item that they’re known for.

Even with the locals, Las Vegas tries to be everything to everyone so it’s no surprise that you’ll see diners from the east to the west with a few local favorites. Every casino has it’s own version of a coffee shop which fills the role of the diner. Having said that it’s interesting that one of the best diners in Vegas is at the oldest hotel in Vegas – The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino.

5 Simple Steps for a Great Home Poker Game

Monday, 20 May 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

Having your buddies over for a poker night? Tired of betting with matchsticks and fighting over the last remaining can of lager? Follow our five step plan to make your weeknight poker feel more like a bachelors weekend in Vegas.

Step 1 – The Cards
You can’t play cards without a deck, but not all decks are the same. Don’t use a set of old, beat-up playing cards as they just make you look cheap. Buy a brand new deck and break the seal in front of your friends for a professional touch, or invest in a set of more expensive – but far more durable – plastic playing cards for that true Vegas feel.

Step 2 – The Table
If you are using the dining table, make sure it is covered with a cloth that doesn’t rumple or catch the cards. Otherwise you are just going accidentally expose cards. If you can’t afford to buy an off-the-shelf poker table, there are many websites out there that show how you can cheaply build your own. At the very least, buy some nice felt to cover the dining room table with.

Venetian’s Sports Book A Must See – Review

Friday, 17 May 2013 by Blog Category: Gaming.

TV Screens at Venetians Sports BookIf you’re a sports fan and a gambling man, Las Vegas can seem like a sports bettor’s dream. On the famous Las Vegas Strip there is an amazing array of great casinos and hotels to choose from, and they all have some type of a sports book. That said, there are good sports books, bad ones, and the plain old average or even mediocre. The good news is that every so often there is a truly great sports book. The Venetian is one of those rare casino hotels on the Strip that can actually brag about having an absolutely fantastic sports book.

There are several reasons The Venetian Race & Sports Book operated by Cantor Gaming gets high grades. One is great free drink service. During some major sporting events you might be required to put down a certain bet level, but many patrons have reported that as long as the sports bettor is polite, they pretty much get as many free drinks as they want. The service is outstanding, the individuals taking bets are very polite, and the TV spread is fantastic. The “small” flat screen televisions on the side would make most men ecstatic if they had one in their house. The 3 large screens over six feet tall are just bonus.

This Weeks Las Vegas Wrap Up

Thursday, 16 May 2013 by Blog Category: Weekly News.

Announcements, openings and finding new things to do in and out of house are always part of the week for anyone that lives in Las Vegas. With the temperatures reaching 100 degrees for the first time this year there was a good excuse to find some quality time inside. While there is a lot happening this summer inside and outside the casinos there’s a lot happening to satiate Vegas cravings from home.

- Fill your craving for Las Vegas with “Model Employee” which started airing on VH1 last week. The show takes models and puts them to work at Mandalay Bay. The show may not be anything new but any day Vegas is on TV is a good day. Another way to fill your cravings for Vegas tales is former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman’s new memoir. The book looks at his life from Mob lawyer to mayor. Besides filling Vegas desires it will be a good way to kill some time in the air conditioning when the temps get into the 120’s this summer.

Atlantic City likes to refer to itself as America’s Favorite Playground. Since Las Vegas is also a city in America, the title of America’s Favorite Playground for Atlantic City is a stretch. All gamblers know there is nothing like Las Vegas. That said, Atlantic City truly is the Las Vegas of the east coast. If you live on or near the east coast, it’s a great place to visit. It’s also a great place to visit if you have been to Las Vegas a dozen times and desire a change of scenery. And if you’re a poker player, Atlantic City has plenty of tourists, which means a lot of easy money. Regardless of your game of choice, you’re going to want to stay at one of the best hotels in Atlantic City.