Nothing beats a good “One Night In Vegas” story. Let’s say the world returns to normal and we start traveling for work again. There will be plenty of “Only In Vegas” stories again. The two stories aren’t quite the same but they are similar. My “One Night In Vegas” stories usually involved a pitstop from LA to New York. My “Only In Vegas” stories always happened while spending too much time in Las Vegas.
“One Night In Vegas” stories are different because they involve way too much fun and chaos packed into far too few hours. This kind of trip could be a full day in Vegas or literally just the night after a long day of meetings in LA. I love this kind of trip to Las Vegas in a different way than the longer trips.
The to-do list for a single night in Vegas is limited. Since time is of the essence there isn’t much travel. While the price for a crashpad and shower room might matter so does the location for the night.

Choosing A Base of Operation

The home base for one night in Vegas is important. This is the epicenter of the quick visit. It’s where you’ll keep your bag(s), shower, take a power nap, etc. Finding a single casino to use as a crash pad that has everything you want to do for the night is optimal but not always in the cards.
Sometimes the place you want to spend the most time isn’t financially prudent. In that case, finding an affordable casino close to things you want to do for the night will matter. After all, you won’t be spending much time inside the room other than showering or taking a few minutes to relax between activities.
For example, I love spending time at the Cosmopolitan. If I’m only spending a night in Las Vegas I might choose to use Bally’s, Paris, or Planet Hollywood as a less expensive place to crash since hotel room prices are less expensive. A room at Bally’s could be 25% the cost of a room at the Cosmopolitan. That’s dinner!
It’s possible to just check bags but I always travel with a laptop and more devices that I’d rather not leave at the bell desk or carry around. I also like having a place to clean up when I’m done. This is the “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” part of the trip. I choose to leave the filth from Las Vegas where it belongs. Being careful with germs is more important than ever.

Choosing Activities

Having a plan of attack is helpful for a night in Vegas. Knowing what you’ll be doing will save time trying to make a plan after landing in Vegas. Time is short so any second wasted could be a wasted memory. I still live by the same Vegas mantra – eat, drink, gamble.
Exploring other things in Vegas can happen when I have more than one night in Vegas. Again, the Cosmopolitan is perfect for me to find everything under one roof so I don’t want to travel.
Eat: Beauty & Essex, Blue Ribbon, Momofuku, Holsteins, STK, Jaleo  
Drink: Ghost Donkey, Barbershop, Chandelier Bar  
Gamble: Chandelier, sportsbook, table games, slot machines  
The Cosmopolitan has everything I enjoy in one place but the nearby properties also have good options. Planet Hollywood not only has a casino full of gambling, bars, and restaurants but it has a mall for the latter two items. Aria and Bellagio have great restaurants. Paris and Bally’s have cheaper gambling. All of these are in the same area which makes this a great location for One Night In Vegas.

Time To Go!

After the night it’s time to get back to real life at home. Having a hard deadline on when to end the night in Vegas matters whether you need to crash, shower, or just get out out of town.
Missing the flight home will make rushing around all night feel like a waste of time. Sitting around an airport tired and hungover or buzzed is not fun.
The trip home is a good time to reflect on a great night and get ready for another night in Vegas. These memories are what drive so many of us to visit Las Vegas.


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