There are so many fun things to do when visiting Las Vegas that it isn’t often that you decide repeat the same experience. That’s the case until you find that perfect way to spend a day and night in Las Vegas. Many of the best “Only In Vegas” experiences happen randomly and can’t be repeated. Sometimes things just happen. Actually most of the times, things just happen.
When you find that one thing you love experience in Las Vegas you want to repeat it over and over. Part of the fun of Las Vegas is reliving the great experiences if possible. There was a period of time when I visited the same casino year after year looking to repeat past glory of purple chip ($500 each) jackpots. The jackpots never reached the same level but the memories of glory are the same. I’ve since moved on from that.
There’s a difference between spending one night in Las Vegas than planning for a night of a Vegas vacation. A rigid minute by minute plan is a bit much for experiencing Las Vegas. I’ve found a flexible structure is the best way to experience Las Vegas. One day we’ll get a nice dinner, another we’ll grab drinks at a bar with a great view and maybe another we’ll head downtown.
My first visit downtown was an unplanned limo ride to El Cortez after a morning at Bellagio. The afternoon experience was so much fun that it’s something that I always tried to repeat. Even when staying on the Vegas Strip, I’d always try to carve out a day or night in downtown Las Vegas. Some friends have picked up on the day or night visit to downtown Las Vegas and reinvented it.
Pizza Rock And Gambling
One such re-invented night in downtown Las Vegas happens at least once a year. We start at Pizza Rock for the early Happy Hour from 3 pm – 6pm. After a late discounted lunch and a few beers, we head to a casino for some gambling. This time the trip took us to Downtown Grand because it’s a low rolling relaxing fun time. After hours of Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Slots, and Blackjack we made a return to Pizza Rock for the late night Happy Hour that starts at 10 pm and ends whenever they decide to close. This nightcap usually has less of everything but is always a fun end to a night in downtown Las Vegas.
This night in downtown Las Vegas always starts and ends with Pizza Rock Happy Hour but changes in the middle. The casino visit has taken us to various casinos within a 2-minute walk from the restaurant just a block away from the Fremont Street Experience. Instead of visiting the gambling segment has taken place at The D, Binion’s Four Queens and Fremont.
Not every experience in Las Vegas can or should be repeated. The loose structure of this night in downtown Las Vegas has proven to be a good time for more than a few beer drinkers (Pizza Rock has a nice selection of discounted draft beers) that enjoy low limits gambling.


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