Caesars Entertainment was a little early with their 4th of July Fireworks show. They decided to shoot fireworks at Caesars Palace on the last Saturday of June. They saved a different kind of fireworks shows for after Independence Day.
On July 8, you may have watched X-Games and Nitro Circus star Travis Pastrana replicate three jumps as a tribute to Evel Knievel. He made all three jumps easily. Two of the jumps took place behind Planet Hollywood and another jump was over the fountains in front of Caesars Palace.
The three jumps were the precursor to an announcement of a unique residency show coming to Las Vegas. Nitro Circus is creating its first-ever resident stage show to open at Bally’s Las Vegas in Spring 2019. This all-new production will feature the world’s most talented action sports athletes performing spectacular feats and unbelievable stunts in a fully choreographed, adrenaline-charged event.
The innovative and unique show will take over the Jubilee Theater. The theater will be reimagined, redesigned and renamed the Nitro Circus Theater. The new multi-million dollar set will offer guests an up-close look at all the action. Tickets for this unique, first of its kind, Las Vegas residency will go on sale in October.

About Nitro Circus At Bally’s Las Vegas
This show marks the first time that the biggest, most progressive tricks in freestyle motocross and BMX will take place in such an intimate theater setting. It will also feature the best in skate, scooter and Nitro Circus’ infamous contraptions. The show will use ramps that will stretch throughout the venue, incorporating a platform stage and even the side walls, athletes will perform in and around the audience, getting them closer to the action than ever before.
It looks as though Nitro Circus has been working on this show for a while now. They are planning for the set and scenery to change throughout the show. This will take the audience into different elements of the Nitro Circus experience. Even though the show will be structured they say that each performance will be completely unique. Segments of the show will routinely change so guests will never see the same show twice.
A Few Words From The Participants
“I am so psyched about this show. It’s going to be totally different from anything we’ve done and unlike anything ever staged before in action sports. Fans are going to have a blast with the show setup. If they were any closer they would be sitting on the bikes with the riders!” said action sports icon, and Nitro Circus ringleader, Travis Pastrana.
“We are excited to partner with Nitro Circus and BASE Entertainment, having an opportunity to bring such a thrilling and unique show to Bally’s Las Vegas,” said Jason Gastwirth, president of entertainment at Caesars Entertainment. “For the first time, guests will be able to see these action sports athletes up close and personal in an intimate setting where the stunts will be all the more impressive.”
“We have been working on this project for several years in order to create a spectacular show that would showcase what Nitro Circus is all about to Las Vegas and to the world. We are so excited to be finally making that dream a reality,” said Andy Edwards, President of Nitro Circus.
Background On Nitro Circus
I grew up with the X-Games and Travis Pastrana so this world isn’t new to me. However, not everyone grew up with this as a part of their life. The Nitro Circus live show was created in 2010 and has since traveled the globe, playing to sold-out stadiums on five continents. The show has grown to become the most successful touring act ever in its category.
Nitro Circus has sold over three million tickets to their shows. They have multiple film credits and television programming that has aired in over 60 countries. Nitro Circus has been at the forefront of action sports and entertainment for years. The brand also commands a massive social media audience, with more than 20 million engaged fans across its platforms. Check out Nitro Circus on YouTube.


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